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3 Reasons for Sunset Photos on your Wedding Day!

3 Reasons for Sunset Photos on your Wedding Day!

I’ve talked about sunset pictures in other wedding/planning advice posts so if you keep up with any content you’ve probably heard me preach this before. I always talk very highly about sunset photos! Because of this, I figured it could be valuable to dedicate a post to this with specific reasons and examples for ya’ll on why sunset photos are so incredible!

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Here are 3 reasons why you should have sunset photos on your wedding day!


The most obvious reason is sunset light is the most flattering light of the day!

Golden hour light is even, warm, soft and honestly flattering on everyone! Daylight can be harsh and create weird tones and shadows. I will ensure we find the perfect photo spots throughout your day, but with Sunset it won’t matter at all. You can pick your dream location or a quick corner somewhere for photos at sunset and they’ll still be incredible! Even if/when your makeup has worn off if you’re hair is out of place, none of it will matter because the light will soften and flatter you!

2.Quiet time

Your wedding day will be hectic and busy, even with the most perfect plan. It’s good to get some downtime with your SO. Time to chill out together from the craziness! The best and easiest way to get that time is to slot sunset photos with just you two! I’ll quietly take you away from the party, get some pics and then leave you alone for a few extra minutes of quiet time.

Hang with your boo for a minute and celebrate together!

3.Behind Schedule

You’ll likely be behind schedule and most often the couple photos get the cut to catch up. This may not happen at your wedding, but it happens at a lot of weddings so it is good to prepare for it.

If you schedule sunset photos you will gain extra images of you together, some chill together time (mentioned above), and images in perfectly flattering light (also mentioned above!). It’s a win-win in my opinion!

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Now, how to actually schedule it into your day!

Preplan an extra 30-45 minutes into your schedule around *sunset time. It’s better to plan for more time. A solid 30 minutes is good, 45 minutes is great but even 20 minutes will do if it’s all you can spare!

During this time you can sneak off with your photographer (me!) to get some killer images. If sunset happens to line up with cocktail hour you’re laughing because that’s a really easy time of the day to sneak away for 30 minutes. **If it lines up with dinner and speeches you’ll need to plan a bit more. Let the MC and the service staff (caterer/venue) know ahead of the wedding that in-between a certain course you’ll sneak off for your allotted sunset photo time. Be sure to get the MC to have that time break in his timeline so as to not go up and introduce anything or anyone. Let the MC and the staff know when you’re leaving as a secondary reminder to pause things.

*If you google your wedding date and sunset time (example; “May 10, 2020 sunset”) google will tell you right away.

**The entire hour leading up to sunset will rock lighting wise. I personally would recommend the last 30 minutes of sunset. If that is too close to speeches and such then pop that slot at the beginning of the golden hour!

Something to remember; the three of us will go over your wedding timeline 5 or so days before your wedding. This is a great time for us to discuss what time and for how long we can do sunset photos. I can give my recommendations on how it can work practically speaking for your specific evening schedule! If you figure it out, great, if you need my help figuring it out, also great! Either way, I just want you to have beautiful sunset photos on your special day!

Golden hour photos are my favourite and I’ve put a few of my personal favourite below here for you to see why!

Wilderness Tours Elopement – Ontario
Aquatopia Conservatory – Ottawa – Summer Wedding
Ontario Intimate Farm Wedding – Lakefield, Ontario
Ontario Intimate Farm Wedding – Lakefield Ontario
Palm Springs Elopement

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