3 Reasons to get Anniversary Photos
Hamilton Anniversary Session – Katrina & Kyle

Katrina & Kyle have been married for 10 years and were celebrating their anniversary so they thought they’d get some updated photos. They were super excited about some new photos for their friends, family and walls! It’s so valuable to be able to share these stages in life with each other and those around you.

3 Reasons to get Anniversary Photos
Hamilton Photographer – Anniversary Photos

If you’ve been on the fence about getting some family/maternity/engagement/couple/anniversary or really any lifestyle session images then let me talk you through three positives.

  1. Sharing! Great for social media, emailing family that lives far and near.
  2. Wall Art! Printed photos are great for cards and gifts, and your own wall to impress guests
  3. For fun! Level up your date night with something new and exciting!
Couple skipping and laughing by river in the rain
Calgary Alberta Engagement – Canadian Wedding Photographer – Josie Nicole

Now I’m going to walk you through three tips for getting photos!

  1. Despite the rain, these two carried on and we created some pretty adorable moments. Therefore even if the weather isn’t perfect we can always work with what we’ve got to create some pretty magical photos!
  2. Co-ordinate colours, keep neutral and logo free. Make sure the colours in your outfit match the colours in your partner’s outfit. Once you’re booked I’ll send you my Pinterest board of outfit inspo!
  3. Remember to have fun and keep it personal! Do your photos somewhere that means something to you, somewhere you frequent. You’ll be more comfortable but also the images will mean so much more as the year’s pass!

The answer is ultimately always yes, you need more photos! Let’s get cracking! Inquire here

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3 Reasons to get Anniversary Photos – Hamilton Ontario