3 Reasons to get Married at a Winery


3 Reasons to get Married at a Winery

If you’re living in Toronto or the GTA and love wine this is blog for you! I’m going to break down three great reasons to get married at a winery. There are so many incredible wineries and the images for this blog post are from Michelle & Kevin’s wedding. Their wedding took place at Holland Marsh Winery.

Let’s talk about wedding venues for a quick second before we dive into the tips. Wedding venues are the location that hosts your wedding, the address on your invite and many are also the caterer. Needless to say it’s a big deal picking your venue. Wineries are obviously a great backdrop for many reasons; great views, great wine, great ambiance and more.

So here are a 3 unique reasons and tips to get married at a winery. 

  1. Let’s talk about the landscape around a winery. We all love the classic shot of the vines behind us for IG. When you get down to it wineries often have many spots that are great for photos; tree’d areas, vines, industrial indoor spots, barns, gravel roads and more! There is so much more to offer than simple vines.
  2. For some this may be a huge pro, getting married at a winery is often times a bit of a staycation for you and your guests. Wineries aren’t right in the city so you have to drive a bit out of town and into a smaller area. This means you can get a cute Airbnb or a nice hotel and have a weekend away without having to really go far. For some of you this may be perfect! There are many wineries within driving distance too for those who don’t want to stay overnight.
  3. Privacy is one of my main reasons for winery weddings! Most wineries won’t have any tastings, other weddings or events going on at the same time as your even which means that you’ll have the whole place to yourself. This is what I’ve seen with the wineries I’ve worked at (of course, I’m sure there are exceptions so do inquire if that’s important to you). Privacy means you can dance the night away with all your closest people and no wedding crashers.

Here is a beautiful wedding that took place at a winery in the GTA, Holland Marsh Winery

Bonus – 3 Other winery options in the Toronto area

  1. Cave Spring – This is in the outskirts of the GTA as it’s closer to Grimsby but it’s so worth checking out!
  2. Adamo Estate – This venue is north of Toronto but has stunning views that are worth the drive!
  3. Willow Springs – Closer to the city and also has some great views. their ceremony site is very cute!

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