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4 Budget-Friendly Tips to Make Your Wedding More Elegant

These tricks will help your event be more tasteful and stylish while saving you some money.

Planning a dream wedding within your budget isn’t easy which is why I thought I would share 4 budget-friendly tips to help make your wedding more elegant. 

The pressure to have a wedding that is picture-perfect, sophisticated and classic can feel overwhelming because oftentimes that means paying many pretty pennies. You work hard for your money and I don’t want you wasting it.

With that being said I know you still want to have a pretty, elegant and classy event! Who doesn’t?!

After a few years of photographing and attending weddings, I’ve seen my fair share of people spending money on the wrong things. Truth time, but when attempting an expensive look on a small budget you usually get a look that comes nowhere near expensive.

*There are of course exceptions and every couple/person/wedding is unique in its own right! I always preach the ‘you do you’ approach to your own wedding because you’re the one that should enjoy it. You are still allowed to want a classy and elegant event, so without further ado my 4 budget-friendly tips!

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1. Vow Books

I know this one will cost you money but let me explain! If I had a nickel for every time I’ve seen people pull out a scrap piece of paper with their vows on it I would be richer than your great-grandma.

You know the one, the grandma that saved every coin she ever found and kept it in a jar hidden in the kitchen for emergencies only!

Vow books cost on average $10-30CAD per book, so it’s not an outrageous thing to budget in and there are options.

A vow book not only will make you look organized and classy but you bet your ass it’ll keep better. Hold onto your vows forever is something that everyone wants to do but trust me with a classy little book it’ll be a lot easier. It will also be a lot more sweet, romantic to look back on later in life. Tuck these precious little booklets away in a box for a rainy day to visit and re-live your special day! 

Example Vow Books 1

Example Vow Books 2

*I will also note that you can just buy a little cute notebook from your local dollar store that is simple and plain on the outside. It doesn’t have to be fancy to look clean and classy!

2. Arbour Florals

Here we go, sue me! If you can’t afford flowers, ditch them altogether. I cannot push this enough, but if florals, and specifically, arbour florals aren’t in your budget get really nice cloth/linen/satin or something simple to drape over your arbour.

I can’t stress this enough but the cheap flowers, cheap faux flowers don’t look very nice and I find often the colours will clash with the colours around you. For example; the green in fake flowers can sometimes be almost neon and overly saturated and bright in comparison to the natural green behind you.

I do not believe they are worth the price. Get creative and decorate with something else or better yet leave it simple. Simple is always best!

Here are three examples! The first two didn’t have an arbour and they’re still so nice, clean and simple! The bottom example is a really simple handmade wood arbour!

4 Budget-Friendly Tips to Make Your Wedding More Elegant 4 budget friendly tips to make your wedding more elegant, affordable wedding

affordable wedding tips, simple arbour, arbour decor

3. Candles and Lights

Add warm-toned candles, twinkle lights and other ambient lights. This type of lighting adds a gorgeous glow that photographs so well! It’s classy, fun, pretty and super romantic! Ask friends if they have string lights in the backyard or on their balcony you could borrow for your big day. 

My only note is if you are using fake candles be sure to put them in holders so it’s a little less obvious they’re fake… Saving money and no fire hazard but still classy AF!

Adding warm Candles, lights and twinkle lights for ambience to help add sophistication to your wedding

Rideau Valley wedding,Rideau Valley wedding photographer, backyard elopement,

Candles and ambient lighting to help keep your wedding budget friendly but still classy and elegant

Tips and tricks to help your event be more tasteful and stylish while saving you some money.

4. K.I.S.S.

Keep it simple stupid. One of my profs always told us that when it came to photography, lighting and editing. I couldn’t agree more with this rule for pretty much every aspect of my life. Now just know I’m not calling you stupid it’s just a simple way to remember the acronym. 

Monochromatic colours, simple satins, cheesecloth or ribbons, nothing complicated, too kitchy or out there. If you can afford to go full ham on the colours, flowers, decor, kitchy-ness etc, then do it but when you’re on a budget sticking to a monochromatic, minimalist look will help elevate the elegance and overall aesthetic of your wedding without adding price. 

Creams, off whites, linen, taupe, soft pinks or light soft muted teals, sage all look so superb!

Images below to show you that less is more!

minimalist and monochromatic table decor, simple
Ottawa Elopement Photography – Table Decor

simple and elegant set up to keep your wedding budget friendly

Less is more, keep it simple stupid, KISS, budget friendly wedding ideas
Ontario Intimate Farm Wedding

All these budgeting tips will help you so you can hire a great photographer!!

That’s all, for now, folks, I hope you found these 4 budget-friendly tips to help make your wedding more elegant helpful! If you want more planning tips and tricks head to the link below and subscribe to my newsletter! It comes out monthly with tons of bonus tips, advice and all-around wedding wisdom!

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4 Budget-Friendly Tips to Make Your Wedding More Elegant. Vow books, arbour florals, candles and lights, KISS,
Fall Backyard Elopement – Captured at Rideau Valley by Josie Nicole Photography

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