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4 Tips for a meaningful lockdown wedding

4 Tips for a meaningful lockdown wedding

With constant rules and regulations changing it’s hard to keep up. I wanted to write a blog post that was helpful, inspiring and insightful for those looking to still get married even while in a lockdown.

Pre-Step 1

Currently in the lockdown in Ontario full ceremonies are allowed to be performed but receptions are not. There are restrictions with ceremonies as well so be sure to check up on local guidelines prior to solidifying any plans.

Ottawa Rules & Regulations

Toronto Rules & Regulations

Hamilton Rules & Regulations

Ottawa Wedding Photographer – 4 Tips for a meaningful lockdown wedding

Step 1

Write out a list of the 3 things that matter the most to you for your lockdown-friendly ceremony. I recommend doing this no matter what wedding/elopement you’re planning on having because it really will help you solidify your wants and goals. Your wedding/elopement will be unique and different than originally planned, but your values can still be met. All it takes is a bit of brainstorming and re-working.

In order to meet those goals be super clear with your partner on what matters the most to each of you. It could be lots of people watching on zoom, the officiant making tons of jokes, having a ceremony full of laughter, or a few witnesses and that’s it! Either way, write it down and use it to guide your decisions.

4 Tips for a meaningful lockdown wedding – Ottawa Wedding Photographer – Dock Kisses

Step 2

Plan something special after the ceremony. Brainstorm a list of ideas and things that you can still do while in lockdown but are different from your usual routine. Something like renting an Airbnb for a couple of days away, aka a staycation, or having a picnic with your favourite take-out.

Figure out what you’d like to do together that will make your day feel extra special. Consider setting aside a chunk of time in your calendar for that day where you’re not taking calls or sharing the news. Time to just enjoy each other’s company and be present in this special moment.

Ottawa Elopement Photographer

Step 3

To Zoom or not to Zoom. There are many pros and cons to offering digital or virtual attendance. Having people watching your wedding with the ability for you to join in the cheers and conversation after may be super special to you. In which case you should do it for sure! If you’re unsure consider these few things.


-It allows everyone special to be there to support and watch this important moment

-Although you are allowed 10 guests in Ontario right now it may be too hard to decide on the 10 so opting for a Zoom or virtual viewing can mean less tough decisions for you

-You can record it to watch it back

-You can join in the conversation and chatter after by visiting with your guests to give you that social fix


-The sound may not be great, especially if you’re outside

-General technical issues

-Virtual hangs can be awkward and weird sometimes and you may not want to deal with the pressure of balancing conversations over a Zoom on your big day

Other Options

-Stream it live! No pressure for conversations yet everyone can still be there to watch

-Record it, use the recording to create a final video with photos from your photographer to throw in as well in a slideshow format with nice music. Once it’s ready you can send it to everyone to enjoy. You can also use this option to support a small business if it’s in the budget, hire a videographer to do this for you or add it to your photo/video coverage.

-Have it be totally private like a slightly more classic elopement and throw a party once all lockdowns are done

As I always say, follow your heart! Do what will make you both the most happy in the end!

Step 2 for having a meaningful wedding during lockdown

Step 4

Holy sh** for the love… HAVE FUN and consider adding a few extra flairs of decor! You only get married in a pandemic once! It may be a bummer that your BFF or some other important family/friends can’t come but that doesn’t mean you don’t get to have fun.

Spend a small sum of your money on some fun flowers, decor, attire pieces and/or more that reflect your personality. Wear colourful shoes, go bold with your make-up, unique with your tie, because this really is a once-in-a-lifetime moment. If there’s ever a time to ditch tradition and shake it up, it’s now.

I made this photo collage for some groovy inspiration that will make your lockdown wedding feel like an epic ball!

Be yourself unapologetically and don’t try and fit into anyone else’s idea of tradition.

4 Tips for a meaningful lockdown wedding

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