These 4 tips for an epic elopement in Ontario are for those ready to go off with a pair of hikers and get married in your own way.
4 Tips for an epic elopement in Ontario

Getting married, planning a wedding and all the things that come with weddings can be stressful, unoriginal and can put you in a position that doesn’t feel authentic to you as a couple and your interests. That’s where adventure eloping and eloping, in general, come into play. The reason this option is becoming popular is that people are realizing more now, that they can get married in their own way with complete ease and minimalism.

Staying true to who you are throughout this process is something I preach all the time. This is your day of celebration, don’t forget that. You should live it up in the way you want!

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Tip #1 – Location

Location is everything when it comes to eloping. The reason is that there are almost no practical hoops to jump through. When planning a traditional wedding you have to make sure guests can access the location easily and if they can’t that you have options for them. You have to make sure if they’re from out of town they have a place to stay and so forth. But when it’s just you, your partner and a couple of vendors you can rock whatever damn location you well, please!

Think of who you are as a couple. What do you do on Saturdays, what’s your favourite vacation spot, where would you go every year if you could? Do you like hiking and camping, lounging at the beach, wine tasting in the county, hanging out in a cabin, snowshoeing in the winter? What’s your jam? Now think of what locations show off or offer that type of activity/thing that you love.

Location should be selected first as well because it could determine time of year and other practical aspects.

Cup and Saucer Trail Lookout – Manitoulin Island

Looking for somewhere to epic adventure elope in Ontario? Here are a couple of my favourite spots.

Manitoulin Island – Hop on a ferry, get off said ferry, get your shoes a little muddy and next thing you know, you’ll be at the most incredible lookout ever! This quiet island is perfect for those who like the outdoors and adventure but prefer to spend their evening at a small quiet BnB.

Chedoke Falls – Right here in Hamilton Ontario we have a beautiful number of waterfalls that will make your elopement look like it actually happened in Iceland! Here is just one of the many waterfalls.

Bon Echo Park – This is one of my all-time favourite places in the province. It’s quiet, less popular than other camping spots but absolutely jaw-dropping. It offers great forest backdrops as well as beaches, lakefront and cliff views.

Bon Echo Park – elopement location in Ontario

Tip #2 – Values

Everyone getting married should do this no matter elopement or full-blown wedding. Set out a few of your key values. Make sure the decisions you make for your elopement are in line with you and your partner’s wedding goals and values.

If you’re working in line with and towards your values you will have the most magical time planning and actually doing the elopement. If not there will be more stress that is unwanted and unhelpful to your overall experience.

In order to determine your values set out a list of 1-3 key priorities and must-haves as well as a few quick things, you don’t care about having. Be clear and make sure you respect each other’s number 1 priority. It’ll ensure an epic day indeed.

Tip #3 – Get Creative

Thinking outside of the box isn’t always easy, but thinking creatively can help create a truly original and epic elopement. Here are a couple of my go-to quick tips to thinking outside the box and a couple links to other posts with fun inspiration ideas.

4 Tips for an epic elopement in Ontario

First is to get off Pinterest. I know it’s inspiring but it’s also very easy to get pigeonholed and distracted.

Next is to really think about you as a couple. All those questions I mentioned above for finding your perfect location can simply be rephrased to dig deeper. Do you love beer, playing pool, watching movies, rising with the sun, coffee, cuddling? What’s your ideal Saturday look like? Once you’ve answered questions like this about yourself you’ll be able to get a good idea of things you can incorporate to make your day extra personal and special.

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4 Tips for an epic adventure elopement in Ontario
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Tip #4 – Budget

Many people elope because it is more cost-effective than having a traditional wedding. With that being said it can still be easy to spend a lot on your elopement without realizing it. Many people forget to budget for their elopement because they don’t think it’s necessary. One minute you think you have extra money to spend on flowers, attire, and other vendors and the next minute you’ve spent way too much and have buyer’s remorse.

This is a special day and there should be no buyer’s remorse at all! So, take my recommendation and layout that budget first. If you’re struggling think of a few must-haves that you really want and a few things you don’t care as much about. This helps with cutting costs in some areas while ensuring you still get your top elopement priorities.

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Tips for an epic adventure elopement in Ontario

In summary, my biggest tip is to use your own hobbies/life/passions as inspiration. Be yourself and be original! No one else is like the two of you so be true to you and your goals!

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