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4 Ways to Add Personality to Your Wedding Decor

4 Ways to Add Personality to Your Wedding Decor

A big conundrum amongst many couples planning their wedding is how to plan and decorate their wedding in a way that is meaningful and authentic. We all want to avoid being unoriginal.

When it comes to decor I always say less is more and to always follow your heart. It’s easy to get wrapped up in trends and what people advise you to do. Try to forget about all that and focus on what really resonates with you as a couple. Knowing that still might not make it an easy decision. Thinking outside the box to come up with an original and cool idea can be hard. Here are 4 ways to add your own personality to your wedding decor.

Billings Estate Wedding – Josie Nicole Photography – Ottawa Ontario

1. Vows

One thing you should consider doing, if you’re not already, is writing your own vows and following absolutely no traditional vow structure. Make them completely your own. There are no rules. You’re vows don’t have to follow any standard structure. Your vows can 100% be what you want them to be. Express your love, share a funny story, an inside joke, the moment you knew they were the one, be honest and wear your heart on your sleeve.

You’re probably wondering how this relates to decor, so my suggestion is to put your vows on something decor-related. Get it put on a hanging tapestry and have it above the snack table, instead of a guestbook have your vows printed with an extra-large matte around for people to write messages on!

Use your vows to decorate your venue and space!

The Family Grace was printed on the menu for everyone to join along before dinner – Ottawa Elopement Photography – Table Decor

2. Bring Something From Home

What is your house that holds special meaning to you? Consider bringing it as decor instead of renting something else. Think mirrors, chairs, special his and her glasses, carpet, art and more!

Not only will this add to the personality and uniqueness, It’s also very budget friendly! Don’t be shy, look around your house, your parents or best friends house (with their permission), and take away a few core items that could be fun to incorporate into your wedding decor!

This antique mirror was from their parents home with florals from their parents garden!

3. Maps

Consider the location you met, dated, proposed and more! Why not include the city map where you got engaged or the province or country map where you first met. These types of maps can be used all over your venue as decor including your table numbers, the food/drink menu, cake topper, favours…

Four Ways to Add Personality to Your Wedding Decor – Ottawa Wedding Photography

4. Heirlooms

Print out photos of people who have passed that influenced your life in a large way, frame and set it up somewhere special. Some people will place these frames on a designated chair during the ceremony, I’ve also seen designated tables where you have photos of important people at their wedding or in their life before they passed.

This is a sweet one to remind you that your loved ones are with you in spirit during this important moment. It’s sentimental and adds such a meaningful personal touch to your day.

Heirlooms – 4 Ways to Add Personality to Your Wedding Decor -Ottawa Wedding Photographer

4 Ways to Add Personality to Your Wedding Decor

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