5 Reasons to get married on a weekday

5 Reasons to get married on a weekday

It’s more common now than ever to have couples breaking the rules when it comes to their wedding. More elopements are happening, more city hall visits and many pop up mini wedding host/services are being offered. I thought because of these trends I would do a deep dive into why getting married on a weekday is beneficial.

It’s budget savvy

Many vendors, particularly venues will charge less on those days. This is helpful for many reasons. It allows you to still have a formal wedding without breaking the bank. I know many couples getting married are also trying to save for a house and just save in general. You don’t need to decide between a wedding or a house and this is a great compromise.

Some venues don’t offer weddings on weekdays so be sure to do your research before getting too excited.

Backyard Outdoor Fall Elopement in the Ottawa Valley
Blue Hour – Ottawa Elopement

You’ll be way more likely to book your dream wedding venue

Is your dream venue too expensive, or always booked, or booked for two years making you have to wait longer to get married? That can really bum you out but if you are considering a weekday wedding that dream venue might just be available.

Not only might they be available but they might be much more budget-friendly. So do it, ask them for weekday pricing, availability and details!

Ottawa Wedding Venue - Indoor - Fire Place
Ottawa Wedding Photographer – Weekday Wedding – Venue

You gain the full weekend after to spend time together.

Really soak in the fact that you’re married! Book a spa day, have some nice dinners and brunches, don’t plan anything, go on your honeymoon early and just revel in this time together. You can use the weekend after to continue the celebrations, whether it’s just between you two and your fur babies or you and your whole family.

So many people forget in the stress of planning a wedding that it’s only one day of your life. One day that goes by so incredibly fast and traditionally you’ll spend your day after getting married, cleaning up, organizing the aftermath of the event, brunch and then next thing you know it’s Monday… Gross.

Getting married on a weekday allows you to enjoy the weekend in full!

Intimate Indoor Engagement Session

Don’t care for a late-night party? But still want quality time with your crew?!

If you love a good late-night dance party, this option may not be for you. Be prepared for most guests to go home at a fairly reasonable/early time, which means limited to no dancing or late-night shenanigans. Maybe you don’t care so much about that part, in which case this option is great. There will be fewer details to plan, less food and booze to pay for, and generally a more relaxed and intimate vibe.

This ultimately means more quality time with your closest friends and family. You will get to chat the night away with everyone!

Popping Bubbles – Celebration – Elopement

More room in the budget for add-ons!

Maybe your wedding budget is actually considerably big but you still resonate more with a weekday wedding. In that case, the savings you’re making in some places can be transferred over to other wedding aspects that you may not have thought possible.

Do you really want a huge fine art album with a Navy French Velvet cover and box, but the cost makes you want to cry? Now you will have room in your budget to consider those extra more luxurious buys. Saving money on the venue, caterer, and other vendors will allow you to splurge. Maybe you gift your parents something bigger, get some extra florals, give your partner a fancy or more fancy wedding gift, save it for the honeymoon, save it for your house… Either way you’re saving money to go elsewhere.

My personal favourite is when people spend the extra money to invest in really incredibly large and top quality albums and prints. Flipping through the photos on your phone will simply never ever compare to passing by your favourite shot on your wall or looking through your coffee table album. Fine art tangibles are no joke when it comes to money so use that extra money on a luxurious gift to yourself that will continuously bring you joy and love!

Classic Flatlay Album
Wedding Album
5 Reasons to get married on a weekday!
Ottawa Wedding Photographer – 5 Reasons to get married on a weekday!
Ottawa River Elopement

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