5 reasons to have a backyard wedding


5 reasons to have a backyard wedding

Alex & Chris have got to be some of the kindest, sweetest, cutest, loviest people I’ve met and I’m so grateful that they came into my life and hired me as a wedding photographer for their backyard wedding this year in the GTA/Toronto area! It really got me thinking about how awesome backyard weddings are.

They’re the best for so many reasons, so I’m going to breakdown 5 reasons why backyard weddings rock!

  1. They’re Intimate. Most backyards can’t fit 200+ people, so most backyard weddings are more intimate due to a smaller guest size. Intimate weddings allow for so much more one-on-one time with you and your guests. 
  2. Personalization. You can really curate the look you want as most backyards are pretty simple it leaves you to be creative and have fun with the style/decor/aesthetic.  
  3. Set up. Hear me out… Your set up will likely be more intensive because unlike a venue you probably don’t have stock of foldout tables, chairs,  linens, tent etc but with that being said you’ll be able to work on set up days prior. Many venues only let you set up starting at a certain time on the day of your wedding, if your lucky your venue may let you set up the night before. So having the freedom to get things on site and ready to set up weeks in advance can help. 
  4. They’re more sentimental. Wether you get married in your own home or a family members home, you have so many memories and cherished spots that hold value and meaning to you. These will show up in the backs of photos and add to that emotional side. This is unlike any venue you could pay for anywhere! 
  5. Ease on the day. When you get married on site you get to stay their all day or mostly all day which means that there is an ease to your timeline and plan of day. Not having to schedule venue arrival for yourselves to set up then again to get ready means less stress and less likelihood of running late.

Overall backyard weddings are incredible for many reasons and I highly recommend them. They can be tricky to pull off for some so here are a few tips to get you started on the right foot.

6 Quick backyard wedding tips!

  1. Always prioritize. Space will be limited, and certain abilities will be too so be sure to be clear with who you want and how much stuff you want to bring in. Simple decor usually works best.
  2. Add your personality. It’s already such a personal environment but don’t leave it as is, have fun and showoff yourselves a little bit!
  3. Speak to a pro! It seems like a backyard wedding is more simple therefore easier to pull off. But this is typically not true so be sure to consider and budget for a full/month-of/day-of planner.
  4. Invite your neighbours! And/or let them know what’s going to be happening. Even if there is only 20 of you… It’s best for them to know you’re having people over and you’ll be enjoying yourselves in a small celebration.
  5. Do your research for permits. Better to have done your due diligence and not need to stress about it when someone comes knocking. Each Country, province, even city may vary.
  6. Clean up crew! When there is no-one left to clean it up but you, you’ll be feeling a tinge annoyed, so be sure your clean up crew knows who they are and when they’re needed. These clean up jobs get done 10000x faster with more people!

Now you can go and plan the backyard wedding of your dreams!

Don’t have property that could work for your vision? Consider a few other options? A small, lesser known venue (think spas, retreats, camps) or rent from third parties like Airbnb. Here are a few fun ones I found on a quick search. Please know that some airbnb’s are strict and don’t allow for outside guests so please be diligent when booking! Each Airbnb will set there own rules and I didn’t look for rules when searching. This is for inspiration!

Contemporary Waterfront in Muskoka

Very cool A-frame cabin in Southgate

Thrifty Cabin in Wiarton

Farmhouse in Uxbridge

Lakehouse in Kawartha Lakes

Cottage in Selkirk

Waterfront home in Port Colborne

Before you look through Chris and Alex’s gorgeous wedding be sure to inquire here and follow my IG here!

Here is a wedding that was in the MOG home and is one I won’t forget! It was so full of love and laughs. It was a quick and simple wedding that honestly could not have been more beautiful. I hope you find inspiration when looking at Chris & Alex’s beautiful wedding!