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5 Things to you must do right after getting engaged

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Planning a wedding can be tough, but these 5 things to do right after getting engaged will help relax you into planning mode!

5 Things to do right after getting engaged
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1 – Celebrate

The first of 5 things to do right after getting engaged is to celebrate and relax! You should enjoy this time immensely. Get excited and don’t worry about wedding planning for at least a week! Be present and enjoy this excitement.

Planning a wedding can be exciting, fun and creative! But it is also tiring, costly, stressful and can be overwhelming. Not all at once, hopefully, but you should take a big breath before diving into it! Remember that it’s not about all the extra little things. It’s ultimately about spending your life with the one you love!

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2 – Vision

It’s good to get your vision clear before starting your planning process. I have written tons of things about determining your vision and carving out that initial plan. I’ve got the spark notes here but I linked a couple of other blog posts for you if you want more details!

Start with 3 keywords. Words that capture the essence of what you want to feel and what you want guests to feel when they arrive. Words like ethereal, edgy, fun, relaxed, boho, indie, alternative, simple, party…

Once you’ve done that go make a vision board using those keywords. No more than 15 images, no longer than 20-30 minutes. Collect a few key images that inspire you and you want to see at your wedding. Pictures of bridal party attire, table decor, alter, reception, and a few extra of the general vibe. Remember to keep it simple. The fewer images the more it’ll help guide you. You don’t want to overload it and have conflicting inspiration.

It’s important to make sure you both agree and you’re both on the same page with the vision which is why picking 3 words and creating a mini mood board together can help.

For Example;

An example of a mood board. Yours doesn’t have to be this high end or fancy. Even just creating an inspiration album on you phone works! For something this formal consider using apps like Unfold, Canva, Pinterest… (Remember that Pinterest can be distracting and overwhelming so be sure to have an alarm set and image number limit.)

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3 – Determine your non-negotiables

I’ve talked about this before because it’s so critical. You and your partner should make a list of 3-5 things that you absolutely must have at your wedding. Place them in order from 1 – absolutely must have to 5 – would love if doable, but can live without. These are things that matter the most to you.

The reason I recommend doing this is because this will help with budgeting. Knowing what is most important to you will make decisions easy! It’s either taking up a spot in your budget or not!

What to do right after you get engaged.
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4 – Budget

Do the research and make sure that you’re including everything possible. Think bridal shower, bachelorette/bachelor parties, bridal party gifts, mani/pedi, parent gifts, signing book, etc. The little things will add up fast so be sure to get them in your budget.

Keep track of everything you pay for that is wedding related. I mean every single thing! Check-in on what you’ve been spending and record everything! You’ll be more conscious of making money decisions if you know where you stand in your budget (below/on par/above).

This is also where your non-negotiables will come in handy. Be sure to prioritize what really matters to you!

Some free online resources!



5 Engagement and Wedding Planning Things to do.
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5 – Guest List

By no means do you need to have a fully formed guestlist at this stage. With that being said I do highly recommend picking a number of guests you like to host (give or take around 15 people, no more). This will help determine certain venue sizes and food budgeting details.

My pro-tip for writing out your guestlist;

Write out the names of your guests based on a couple of main categories; family, friends, and others. Once you’ve done that, re-order the names based on importance. Start at the top with the people you most want to share your special day with.

This way is helpful for two reasons. One, because it’s easier to think of everyone if you sort it by categories ( family, friends, others). Two, when/if you need to cut the guest list, you simply have to go to the bottom of the list, which can make the elimination process quicker and easier.

Cheers to your engagement! Now go back and do #1… CELEBRATE!

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