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5 Tips for your Spring Session/Wedding

As a photographer who is 5 years into my career, I can honestly say that each season brings with it a new set of challenges. Over time, through trial and error and lessons learned the hard way I have become familiar with certain things I need to prepare for with each season. A lot of these don’t pertain to my clients in a direct way. I’m not sitting down with them to chat about the challenges I’ll have to face as a photographer in Spring. I just know what to prepare for and do it. With that being said there are some things that you can do to prep for your session based on seasonal changes and it will probably help you relax because of your preparedness! 

So here are my top 5 tips for those of you who have photo sessions this Spring!

Please note these are tips for some common things that happen in Spring, not all of these things are necessarily going to be an issue for you. This is a worst-case scenario/prep list so you can plan and go into your spring shoot with confidence and leave the worry at home.

1. Shoes!

Shoes are critical during Spring because of rain, puddles, and therefore MUD. I know you probably have a new pair of kicks you’ve been eagerly waiting to wear on your session or even your wedding shoes that you totally stayed on budget for *wink wink.

I know it’s unfortunate but they will likely get dirty in the Spring, be prepared for that, mentally prep for that. I don’t want your shoes to get ruined and we will do our best to protect them and keep them clean, but just know that Spring is easily the messiest season and dirt happens!

That is your forewarning, but there are pro-active steps to take to avoid mudding up those pretty kicks.

-Always bring an extra pair of shoes! Some cute rain boots, hiking boots, or even just a more worn pair of heels/shoes that you’re ok with getting dirty. Feel free to bring multiple pairs and we can choose one that fits the vibe and mood at the moment. That way if we come to a point where we might get a little muddy you can easily swap out and be relaxed knowing that your beautiful clean pair of shoes aren’t getting ruined beyond repair. (Plus how cute is it to have photos splashing around in rain boots!)

-Buy some travel shoe wipes. These things are awesome! They’re made to be gentle on leather and synthetics but they actually help get rid of dirt, food, grime and scuffs.

-We can figure out the cleanest paths to walk together. Be sure to let me know (if you picked the location) if there are any paths, roads, or paved areas that we can stick to easily to avoid mud, puddles, and dirt in general!

2. Hair

Spring in Ontario is humid, rainy, windy, cold and not always nice. Most hairstyles don’t hold up in that type of weather so just like the shoes, I’m going to need you to prepare and accept ahead of time that your hair won’t look the same by the end of the session/wedding day. That doesn’t mean your hair will look like a disaster though!

-If you want a certain type/style/pose with your hair looking neat and perfect let me know right away so I can execute those while your hair is still bomb! This applies more to engagement sessions. (To all my brides, I will always get some detail hair shots in the morning before the day begins! But of course, it can still be helpful to let me know if you do have any specific requests though). 

-By the end of the session if your hair has deflated and frizzed we can play into that, do more fun and adventurous poses and activities to make it work with the mood. Think of some more fun/silly things that you do as a couple that we could play into. Communicate them with me at any point. Before the session, at the start or during!

-For those doing their own hair use hairspray… Not the expensive make your hair look like you got a perfect blow-out kind. The kind that really sticks and locks in your hair for as long as physically possible!

-Bring some extra hair products (hairspray, bobby pins, depending on hair type and style a bit of gel could even help) with you to touch up throughout. I absolutely will help touch up your hair too!

3. What if it rains

I do not cancel due to weather unless that sh** is bananas (b-a-n-a-n-a-s!🎶). The reason being it can actually force us as a team to get more creative and do things we might not have. This translates to getting pictures we might not have originally and having fun while doing so!

-I always keep clear umbrellas in my car as they can be a cute way to combat the rain, but feel free to bring your own fun umbrellas that fit your personality better.

-If the weather isn’t great think outside the box. Switching the location due to weather is totally fine! We can find a cool indoor location, switch to an in-home session, change the location to an urban backdrop, we could even grab some vintage jackets, newspaper and pretend it’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s and your kissing in the pouring rain with a cat! (maybe just pretend to have a cat as I don’t know how well an indoor cat would cope with that! haha!). If the original outdoor location really doesn’t work we can discuss other options!

-Always be prepared as best as possible. Bring a proper raincoat so you can stay dry in between shots.

For my wedding couples remember to relax and have fun if it rains, bad weather doesn’t translate to a bad wedding or bad wedding photos at all! Never in my life have I seen those two things correlate, so relax into the process, suggest some ideas if you have them and have fun with it!

I always have tricks up my sleeve but I love hearing your ideas too! These are your photos to have and hold forever so voice your opinions and ideas, don’t be shy!

4. Temperature

Too many times people assume the spring will be the most ideal +10 slightly cloudy, sunny, no wind weather because the Summer heat has yet to come and Winter is gone. This isn’t always true. We often still have days of -5 in Spring. If you’re not dressed accordingly you can find yourself shivering throughout the session. This can mean looking tense, cold, and uncomfortable. I don’t want this and nor do you! 

-The way to combat this is simple, and I tell this to all my Winter sessions as well. LAYERS! Layers upon layers. Leave some in the car, carry some with you in a bag, either way, have layers on hand. I often recommend 3-4 layers; top/cardigan/jacket/scarf. (Other layer ideas; sweater/hat/fancy gloves/toque…).

Brides included, you can wear these to warm up in between shots or whenever you need it! Get your MOH to have a little tote bag with a quick zip-up sweater. For grooms, you are not allowed to bring extra layers ever… haha jk, you have a jacket which usually is enough, but of course, you can bring extra layers too. I don’t want anyone getting cold!

5. Outfits / Colours

Sometimes people imagine spring as this never-ending season of blooming colours left, right and centre, but unfortunately, it’s not always so bright and cheery.

Tulip, lilac and Cherry Blossom season can be a little hard to predict sometimes and last for a short window of time so go with the assumption that the background might not be as colourful as you want. That’s ok because you have the power to counter it with your accessories. Hair, earrings, sweaters, rings, flowers, shoes, clothes etc, all of it can help create and add to the mood of a Spring shoot/wedding!

A simple way to show off your Spring session is to dress like it’s the most perfect blooming spring day. This can help counter the fact that the grass might still be a bit brown, heck there might still be snowy patches in certain areas. Wear that cute springy outfit so that looking at the photos you know right away when it was!

Now go forth and Spring up my lovelies. Comment below if I missed a tip you can’t resist sharing! 

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