5 Unexpected Must Haves For Travelling

I love to travel, and I have travelled a fair amount in my life, which has taught me some great tips on how to pack really well. It’s not easy but these are some things that I always bring with me to help, no matter what kind of trip I’m on. This isn’t your go to packing guide, these are those last minute add ons that you’ll be thankful for later. The things you don’t even realize you needed!


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1) Hydrating/refreshing face and eye sheet masks.

I usually bring 1 eye and/or 1 face mask per week of travel. Traveling does a number on your skin, even being in a different climate than you’re used to can tire your skin. Being someone that’s slightly obsessed with skin care I always have one or two of these bad boys in my bag. They take up no space, and it’s such a nice little treat for yourself and your skin. They’re so many sheet masks for different skin types and they come in a range of brands at different price points. Seeing as they’re so popular right now they’re not hard to come across. The Sephora brand masks are the cheapest ones I’ve found and they work great. They’re about $6 for an eye mask and $8 for a face mask.
Sephora Sheet Mask


2) Electrolyte tablets.

Hungover, sick, cold, stomach bug, post workout, or general hydration are things that electrolytes are awesome for. These ones are in tablets, which is great for travel. Nuun brand is my go to, I’ve never even tried other brands because Nuun’s packaging is so easy and simple to pack, and their product is great. You can get them and other brands at fitness stores like MEC, The Running Room, any organic health food store, and some grocery stores. In Ottawa you can get them at the Herb & Spice Wellness store.


3) Shampoo & Conditioner Bar.

Seriously ditch the liquid shampoo & conditioner. Just say goodbye. Having shampoo bars has not only changed my day to day life for the better, but it’s especially noticeable while traveling how awesome they are. They work so well, they’re better for the planet, and they travel really well because they can’t leak! My favourite shampoo bars are from Lush, but Buck Naked Soap Company, Rocky Mountain Soap Company, and Out of Africa are just a few other brands that also make shampoo bars.
Lush Shampoo Bar

Lush Conditioner Bar
Rocky Mountain Soap Shampoo Bar


4) A good pair of earrings and your favourite lip colour.

Honestly packing for any trip is really difficult. Trying to make sure you don’t over or under pack, and making sure you’re bringing the right amount of casual and fancy clothes is a struggle. To solve this problem I’ve found these two accessories do just the trick. The second you throw on a red lip and big hoops your casual tee and jeans, or tank and skirt turn into a fun night out look. So simple, and they take up a lot less space then an extra dress and shoes to match.
Lucky Brand Statement Earrings
Lucky Brand Silver Hoops
Tarte Liquid Matte Lip Paint


5) Resistance Bands!

Last but not least is for my fitness lovers out there. If you’re like me and love a good gym session then these will be your best friends. You can buy them on Amazon, multiple fitness websites, and in fitness stores. What makes them great for travelling is they’re so small, and you just put em around your ankles and do some kick backs, squats, lunge jumps, side steps and you’ve got yourself a 15 minute workout that requires very little space and no machines. Yay!
Amazon Resistance Bands


There you have it. A quick and easy way to help your travel struggles by adding 5 simple items.

If you found this helpful share with all your friends and comment below with your go to packing items!


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