5 Wedding Planning Resources – When a Wedding Photographer Plans Her Own Wedding! – Blog Series PT 2 – Toronto, Hamilton and GTA Wedding Photographer

Warm tone nuetral wedding florals, sweetheart table. 5 Wedding Planning Resources – Wedding Professional Plans Her Own Wedding! – Blog Series PT 2 – Toronto, Hamilton and GTA Wedding Photographer

This is the beginning of a series dedicated to my findings as a bride. It’s easy to give advice based on what I know as an industry professional. What I haven’t been able to do until now is give advice based on my experience as a Bride-to-be. What it’s actually like planning a wedding!

My second vlog will be added at the bottom but I’ve also taken the liberty to do a full write-up for you readers out there!

This part of the series is all about the different resources we’ve used to find and hire services as well as keep track of services and things that are due.

Fall wedding invites that say Travis Gallant & Baylie Van Gulik with dried florals and a ladybug walking across.
5 Wedding Planning Resources – Fall Wedding Invites

1. Blogs

We actually found our venue through a photographer’s blog post via google and google images. We’ve since then stuck with using blogs as a go-to resource for many tips and helpful visuals.

  1. Use your vendors blogs. Photographers, videographers, planners and other vendors probably already have a ton of helpful and resourceful blog content. Start there and branch out.
  2. Search for your main keywords but then look at the link location, you’ll be able to tell if it’s a blog based on the link name most of the time!
  3. Use core wedding planning blogs like Green Wedding Shoes, Junebug Weddings, The Knot, Wedding Bells and more!
  4. Certain blog and wedding resources also have forums, Wedding Wire has a great forum for advice from planning couples!
Lakefront Wedding photos - 5 wedding planning resources - Hamilton Wedding Photographer
Lakefront Wedding photos – 5 wedding planning resources – Hamilton Wedding Photographer

2. Google Image

I’m an incredibly visual person and 99% of the time need visual aids otherwise I simply can’t imagine something. Using a quick keyword search then hitting images instead of web has also been hugely helpful for me when researching anything. Throughout wedding planning, it has proven to be a great tip for those who prefer visuals!

Unique Wedding Venue – Grunge Outdoor Elopement – 5 wedding planning resources – Hamilton Wedding Photographer

3. Wedding Wire’s To-Do List

The website Wedding Wire has an auto-generated to-do list that you can delete things off, add certain costs and add extra tasks. All you have to do is create a free profile and input your wedding details. We’ve only used Wedding Wire for the to-do list and forums so far. It helped a bit with the venue search but otherwise, we haven’t used it for much else.

Gin Shots at Engagement Session in Hamilton Ontario
Gin Shots – Alternative Bride – Alternative Engagement Session – Hamilton Ontario

4. Referrals

One of the most helpful resources you have when planning your wedding is the vendors you’ve already hired. Each wedding vendor has its own list of go-to recommendations as well as online/social networks that they can leverage to help you if you’re really in need!

Small Micro Wedding – Hamilton Wedding Photographer

In summary, you probably have more resources at your fingertips than you realize. Start from what you do have and work outward from there!

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