5 Wedding traditions to ditch right now!

Weddings are all about traditions, love and celebration. Traditions can be both great, and not so great. What’s most important throughout your wedding journey is that you stick to the traditions that actually interest you. I’ve compiled a list of 5 traditions and wedding ideas that are not all they’re hyped up to be, dated or just plain boring!

These traditions can for sure be done well but there is also a weird pressure put on couples to do so. I find when couples switch up their wedding it’s more relaxing for them and always turns out just as great if not a tad better!

My biggest piece of advice is to always follow your heart and not let too many other factors influence what you do. Even if it goes against this list! Do you!

1. Food

If there’s anything I’ve learned from attending as many weddings as I have, it’s that each and every wedding meal tastes more or less the same. I hope this doesn’t offend anyone but your guests aren’t as wowed with your food as you think they are. By the time dinner rolls around people just want to eat so they can get to the dancing! Some of the best received and most enjoyed dinners/receptions have been food trucks, really unique food or anything where the food is casual, fun and more flexible. Don’t worry too much about having the most perfect hor d’oeuvres or the most delightful sauce, because it’s usually extra money and time.

Focus on getting food that you yourselves will want to eat! Food that you love and eats that fit your personalities.

Food Truck
5 Wedding traditions to ditch right now!
Wedding Day – Ottawa
bridal party stop at mcdonalds
McDonalds pit stop for this hungry Wedding crew!

2. Garter Toss

Typically this just ends up being an awkward time for those watching and doesn’t add much to the evening. It’s also a tradition I see less and less of every year. Ditch the garter toss, instead spend your time chatting with your guests, hanging out and just enjoying all the hard work you’ve put in.

5 Wedding traditions to ditch right now!

3. Traditional Vows

This is your declaration of love! Get rid of the classic vows. Write from the heart! Make jokes, reference memories you have together, and go with your gut on this one!

Ottawa Valley – AirBnB Backyard Elopement
Ottawa Valley Micro Wedding

4. Classic Bridal Party

Whether you’re trying to stay with a traditional number, genders or even responsibilities and roles, my recommendation is to ditch it all. Pick the people that mean the most to you, period. Don’t know who should be the maid of honour? Then don’t have one, let the whole team take on different tasks! Not sure you want a bridal party at all? Don’t have one!

Remember this day is to celebrate your love for each other! The rest is just fun bonuses, so do what you want and follow your heart.

5. Having an Arbour

Do not get me wrong, arbours are great. They can really frame the ceremony site and draw the eye in. With that being said I’ve been to a number of weddings that didn’t even use an arbour and to be honest it wasn’t even all that noticeable. The centre of everyone’s attention is on you two anyway. Say goodbye to your arbour if it doesn’t serve or inspire you.

*Pro tip – Leave little flowers or noticeable twigs on the ground to mark where you stand so that you are still centred!

Ottawa Wedding Photographer
Ottawa Wedding photographer – 5 Wedding traditions to ditch right now!

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