6 Unique Wedding Venues in Ottawa & Ontario


6 Unique Wedding Venues in Ottawa & Ontario

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Ontario has a lot of very well known wedding venues that are beautiful big barns that perfectly match the bright and airy style. That is pretty but that doesn’t fit the wants and needs of a lot of brides. Because of this I’ve done some digging and found some hidden gems for those of you who identify more as an alternative bride. These spaces are both non-traditional and fun but still sure to please everyone!

These venues are perfect for the anti-brides, the couples who prefer a less traditional look, and people who want something that showcases more personality!

Top 5 Unique Wedding Venues in Ottawa - Hart House Toronto - Summer Wedding
Sarah & Ben – Hart House – Toronto Wedding

The venues listed below are also perfect for those of you who want an intimate wedding or if you have to downsize due to COVID 19. Downsizing is upsetting but as unfortunate as it is, it can still be a great celebration.

You get to celebrate your love for each other with your closest family and friends in an intimate setting.

If you have decided to downsize these venues might fit your needs perfectly. Enjoy, comment below and share with your friends!

Top 5 Unique Wedding Venues in Ottawa
Wilderness Tours Wedding – Outdoor Wedding Ontario

I tried to keep them close to Ottawa but there were a couple of gems I couldn’t exclude that aren’t in Ottawa.

Jabberwocky Bar – AKA Union Local 613

  • Centretown Ottawa
  • 42 Maximum guest capacity

This bright, open space is both intimate and comfortable. Not only is the food great here but it’s right in the city centre. Jabberwocky is known as a creative specialty cocktail and vegan snack bar, which is pretty cool in and of itself but they also do food service from the main kitchen in Union. Because of this, you can get a good mix of food and drink that will be sure to please everyone. (Their fried chicken is to die for!)

I do just want to quickly say that Union Local 613 (the restaurant on the main floor of the building), also hosts parties and events. Their guest space is 60. I thought I would mention that as it’s in the same building, and the same ownership just a different aesthetic.

More Info Here!

Image found on Jabberwocky’s website

Orange Art Gallery

  • Beside Little Italy – Ottawa
  • 140 Maximum guest capacity (standing)

This is the perfect space for those couples that are not only artsy but want a wedding venue that is really unique. Colourful and beautiful artwork all over the walls, a beautiful patio/deck area, and tons of green vines climbing up the house. This venue is not for your average Joe, but it will not disappoint if you want something edgy, fun and different. It also doesn’t hurt that you’re 30 steps away from Beyond The Pale Brewery 😉

More Info Here!

The Herb Garden

  • Almonte – 30 Minutes from Ottawa City Centre
  • 150 Maximum guest capacity

I love the aesthetic of the Herb Garden. It’s warm, comfortable, has a relaxed feel to it and its ceremony spot is in the beautiful outdoors. They also have a beautiful pizza oven for those pizza freaks out there.

Not only do they offer a beautiful indoor setup, but they also have a larger tented outdoor setup for the reception if you have more guests or want to be outside. They’re just a short trip west of Ottawa and offer lots of beautiful space for your guest to roam around.

More Info Here!

Balzac’s Coffee Roasters

  • Many Locations – Toronto
  • 40 Seated, 100 Standing at the most popular wedding location

This is actually an incredibly cool venue because they have multiple locations throughout Toronto you can pick a location that has your perfect aesthetic or is conducive to where people live/are staying. The vibe, as you can see from the photo, is thrifty, edgy and casual.

More Info Here!

Umbrella Bar

  • Dows Lake – Ottawa
  • 150 Maximum guest capacity

Umbrella Bar is perfect for a more intimate party as I believe their max guest count of 150 is with people standing. It’s right on Dows Lake which makes for gorgeous lake views looking out all of the windows. You’re also right beside the Arboretum which allows for quick access to premium photo spots. The food here is delicious, casual and sure to please as well.

More Info Here!


Dyment’s Glen Drummond Farm

  • 5 Hours from Ottawa – Hamilton, Ontario
  • 225 Max guest capacity

I know this is a bit of a hike for my Ottawa couples, but I promise I wouldn’t put it on this list if I didn’t think it was really above par! I really love the aesthetic of this farm. It’s stunning and they’re offering COVID friendly weddings. You can book the space for an hour and a half for your small wedding ceremony!

If you’re still desperate to have your wedding this year, pack your bags, get your family to pack their bags, and get hitched!

While you’re at it you may as well stay and enjoy beautiful Lake Ontario.

More Info Here!

Both images came from their Wedding Wire Account. https://www.weddingwire.ca/farm-weddings/dyments-glen-drummond-farm–e4983

Please note only Dyment’s Glen Drummond Farm has anything mentioned on their site about their COVID limitations. I’m not sure what booking rules and timelines each place is implementing right now. They’re probably all following government protocol so please keep that in mind. I didn’t go into too much detail or ask each space to tell me as you may read this at a different time.

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