A little piece of lavender

I don’t normally do personal posts, but I recently did a bit of planning with my brand and what I want my branding to look and feel like. I started out with some brain storming, writing down and sketching my ideas. I want my branding to be fluid and to have the ability to always change with me as a person. Although I roughly knew what that looked like I figured I would start small, by incorporating the lavender from my logo into other areas of my branding. So I went out and bought some dried lavender and started taking pictures. I didn’t really know what I wanted and how I was even going to use them but I got some amazing pictures, two of which are currently on my website. I know this process isn’t going to happen overnight and it will continue on but so far I’m happy with this new improvement. Some of you may know what lavender means to me, many may not know, and to be really honest with you sometimes I don’t know either. I really enjoy the look and general feel of lavender. It has such a soft and beautiful look while still being strong and gritty. I was travelling in Europe and had a fairly shocking life experience, and it happened in a city that lavender grew abundant, so the second I got home I got a lavender tattoo to remind me to always enjoy the small moments and as i’ve gotten older I have realized that lavender is more than a reminder of the small things, it’s a reminder to work hard, stand tall, to hold my ground, and to not let anything stop me from being my best possible self.

I know that lots of people have those memories and moments in their life that remind them to be strong and work hard, but particularly as a female it’s so easy to fall into a groove and habit of doing things for others. So I wanted to make this post to reach out to all my other aspiring, hard working females, be it far or near to me… You are so powerful and everyday you get better and better. The world will only stop you if you let it, so don’t even give it the time of the day. Grow your roots deep, remembering to be kind and passionate. Passionate people make moves in this world. Don’t make excuses, simply do it.

For every one step backwards take two leaps forward.


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