A new breakfast!

I’ve been wanting to make a smoothie bowl for a while now, they look so filling, delicious and also pretty easy to make. So this morning I finally made a smoothie bowl and thought why not share on my blog. While photographing it all I wanted to do was eat it but thank goodness I waited because I love these pictures. I styled them in post a little different from my usual food photography but am so happy with how they look.


I will post all the ingredients I used at the bottom of this post in case you decide to try a smoothie bowl out for yourself! If I were you I would, it was very yummy and such a refreshing take on the plain old smoothie.

In the smoothie:

-Half a banana (the other half was put on top)
-Chia seeds
-Half Pom juice, half coconut milk

On top:

-Avocado (surprisingly delicious!)
-Hemp seeds
-Chia Seeds
-Superbutter (too much peanut butter upsets my stomach so I use Superbutter. Its main ingredient is sunflower seeds, and it’s so yummy but you could use any kind of butter… almond, peanut, cashew, whatever you like!)
-Raw agave syrup (I only use about 1 tsp, otherwise it’s too sweet)

Also I didn’t use any but I’m confident that a little bit of granola would be a great add!


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