A very sweet treat!

While working on my portfolio this semester I was fortunate enough to photograph my favourite cafe in Edmonton, Duchess Bakery! It’s a great place to meet with friends, catch up on some reading, get a little work done, or just stop in to get a sweet treat. I was so glad that they graciously opened their doors and allowed me to photograph the interior. I was nervous and excited at the same time. Knowing just how amazing their bakery is, I didn’t want to mess up…

My nerves quickly faded and as I got ready I was so thrilled I couldn’t contain myself. Although I got thrown some challenges, I was really comfortable and happy with how I dealt with them. I had a blast and I’m very pleased with my final images.

I hope you stop by Duchess sometime and enjoy an amazing cappuccino and dark chocolate meringue… Or whatever your favourite may be 😉


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