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I am an outdoorsy, bad joke-loving, new hobby every 5 seconds, chatty Cathy that is ready for an adventure or dance floor at literally any time. I am madly passionate about love and art and I think your wedding is the perfect combination of those two things.

About Josie - Ottawa Professional Photographer
About Josie - Ottawa & Toronto Wedding Photographer

The little moments of love that we have every day when no one is watching or the ones we have in front of everyone, but that no one notices. That shit makes me cry and reminds me why I am here doing what I do.
Hamilton & GTA Wedding Photographer

Hamilton & GTA Wedding photographer – About Josie’s Personal Life

Adventuring in any way shape or form is my favourite. Camping, hiking, reading a great book, snowshoeing, skating! I love it all! I love expanding my mind to new things and I love the outdoors.

If I’m not busy doing that or working you can usually find me starting a new hobby. I’m a bad joke-loving, new hobby every 5 seconds, chatty Cathy that is ready for an adventure or dance floor at literally any time. Ask me about the embroidery kit that is still not open or if I’ve finally finished my tarot card course! 

I moved from Ottawa to Hamilton in late January 2021. So I am currently residing in Hamilton but will be back in Ottawa many times in 2022 for weddings. No matter where you’re based or interested in getting photos, reach out and let’s chat!


By now you should know that I’m a wedding photographer.


What I’m here to tell you is that your story becomes my story the moment you hire me. I’m here to document your love story so that you can share, reminisce and never forget these incredibly special moments.


School pictures sucked, and I think it’s a safe bet to say you probably agree, because what kind of person likes that?! In no way shape or form should your wedding photo environment resemble school pictures, and I will make sure of that.

Your wedding day is full of meaningful laughs, cries, and people, it is, however impossible to remember it all. Therefore your wedding photos are irreplaceable because they will bring you right back to that moment.

I approach most of your wedding day from a photojournalistic angle. This is the best way for me to get those raw and candid moments. I know how awkward it can feel to be in front of the camera so I’m always here to help encourage and guide you so you can be yourselves!

You will always have my encouragement and guidance along the way. From family drama, wedding indecision, which vendors to hire, constructing your timeline all the way to figuring out which size fits best on your wall for that favourite moment of yours.

Wedding photos sit on your coffee table and walls to hold onto your memories forever.

Testimonial - About Josie - Ottawa Wedding Photographer


Josie took photos of my husband & I at Bon Echo - they are out of this world! I can't put into words how talented she is & how comfortable she made us both feel. She also has a style that can't be matched in Ottawa! To this day the photos she took are some of our favourites we have together. Thank you, Josie! You're the bomb.

Jacquie & Owen


Now that you know all about me and what I do it's your turn to tell me about yourself. Chat soon!