About Me


I’m more than your wedding photographer. I’m your wedding sidekick. I capture genuine moments in artistic and beautiful ways for you to hold onto forever.

Your photography experience will be a fun adventure! Leave your worries at home and let's live in the moment!

Ottawa Wedding Photographer


Personally, I love adventuring outdoors in any way shape or form. Maybe camping in the summer or cross country skiing in the winter. It is refreshing and so much fun. If I’m not busy doing that or working you can usually find me laughing at my own jokes/bad puns, hanging out with my friends, or dancing to whatever song is playing. Little known fact, I’m an amateur tortilla maker, because tacos are life, and – really – who doesn’t need an excuse to drink margaritas?


I’d love to meet you and your S.O. to chat all about your wedding/elopement/engagement/or any other session! By now you should know that I’m a wedding photographer. Because of that I’m not going to dive into all the details of how I’ve wanted to do this my whole life. Although partly true, it’s kind of boring! I am a taco, tequila, tattoo, travel-loving freak and you 100% will see me dancing at your wedding while capturing truly hilarious dance shots!

My business philosophy.

In 2012 for Photographic Technology and every year take at least 1 workshop or class to expand my knowledge and experience in this ever-evolving industry. I hated school pictures, and I think it’s a safe bet to say you probably did too, because what kind of person likes that?! My goal is to create an environment that in no way shape or form resembles school pictures! My mission is to make this process comfortable, and easy.


How I Achieve This.

I try to embody a photojournalistic approach in my style as much as possible. I do this as it’s the best way to get real and candid moments. The genuine moments that happen on your big day are so valuable. With that being said I want you to look and feel good. Because I want both of those things, I do a little posing. For example, I may adjust for prime light and I will sometimes help coach you through what we’re doing.

You can feel secure knowing that I will never interrupt a moment as it unfolds naturally, but if you’re about to do something specific I might suggest moving to a better spot.


Josie Nicole Photography’s’ style is to make sure you get the best and most real images from your special day.⁠

I always try to keep my posing to a minimum, however, I know how awkward it can feel being in front of the camera so I want to make sure you know what I’m doing and feel encouraged along the way to help you relax into it.⁠

In Summary.


Ultimately I’m there to capture special moments for you to remember forever. Your wedding day is full of memories and people that you love, unfortunately, it’s impossible to remember it all after the fact. That’s where your wedding photos come in. They’re with you for the rest of your life. ⁠

These photos sit on your coffee table, your walls and your fridges… Not mine (unless you send me a thank you card, which is cool, and I’ve kept every single thank you card I’ve ever gotten from a client! They’re literally on my fridge!) Anywho, it’s all about you and your memories to keep forever.


These moments that happen are to be cherished. Moments to re-live on your anniversary, to show your grandkids, for those daily reminders of the promise you made and the love you share. That’s why I do what I do.⁠


Now that you know all about me and what I do it's your turn to tell me about yourself. Chat soon!

Now that you know more about me and how I work I thought I’d share some fun facts!


  1.  Picking a favourite food is really hard for me, but it usually wavers between tacos, waffles, or freshly picked raspberries! ⁠
  2.  My favourite show is Parks & Recreation. “Just remember, every time you look up at the moon, I, too, will be looking at a moon. Not the same moon, obviously, That’s impossible.”
  3. A tent, lake, good book/good company, and a campfire are all included in my perfect summer evening. ⁠
  4. Only 1 of my 14 house plants is dying right now! ⁠Yay!
  5. I love to travel! My favourite country has got to be either Vietnam or Ireland, for two totally different reasons. Ask me about it sometimes, we can exchange stories!



Josie was super fun to work with on our engagement photo session! We were lucky enough to be selected for a session with her and were a bit nervous as it was our first time doing a professional shoot! Josie made us feel relaxed and we had a lot of laughs turning into some beautiful photos (which you may see featured on her social media!). Josie was able to use the light and guide us into "poses" aka fun activities so we created natural and authentic moments that really shine in her photography!

Krista & Mathieu

Now that you know about me, it’s time to tell me about yourself!