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Alysha & Dane’s Backyard Wedding in Ontario

Alysha & Dane’s Backyard Wedding in Ontario

When weddings line up perfectly with cooling temperatures, changing leaves and bright colours there is harmony. This was the case when Alysha and Dane exchanged their vows during a breathtaking ceremony in their backyard near Ottawa, Ontario. Surrounded by loved ones from all over, their personal location, the beautiful decor, unexpected visitors in the form of curious cows, and a stunning display of evening fireworks, their wedding day unfolded beautifully.


The location of your wedding is so instrumental to having a good time. It needs to be perfectly catered to your, your needs/wants and your personalities. This property in the heart of the Ontario, Alysha and Dane’s cozy backyard proved to be the ideal setting for their intimate wedding celebration.

Location advice is simple; can you imagine yourself celebrating in the way that you want at this location? If the answer is yes then it’s a go, if not then keep looking!


In the age of Pinterest and Instagram couples tend to place a very high importance on wedding colour. Although important it’s more important to have a flow of tones that mesh well together. Fall weddings are known for their captivating color palettes, and Alysha and Dane’s nuptials were no exception. Rich burgundy, deep red, burnt orange, and simple cream hues really set the tone and created an atmosphere with a warm and inviting ambiance.

My advice if you’re struggling picking a colour is to pick a set of 5 that you love together and focus on making that set really cohesive. Then you can select one or two from there to have more front facing.


Alysha and Dane’s backyard wedding in Ontario was one to remember, from the simple things like visits from cows, fireworks and dances to the more important things like the notes written to each other and the time spent with family and remembering those who couldn’t be there.

Remember your wedding is a curation of your lives together and apart.

Be creative, have fun with it and remember that at the end of the day it’s a celebration!

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And without further ado; Alysha & Dane’s Backyard Wedding in Ontario.

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