As one door closes, another opens!

This weeks post is a little different, and i’m most definitely out of my comfort zone, but I feel that it needs to be said! I am not much of a sentimental girly girl, I am not one for romantic chick flicks, I regularly forget “meaningful” dates, and you will never see me crying during a commercial. I’m just not the mushy type!! Don’t get me wrong I have my moments, but typically i’m not the most sentimental person in the room. Despite this truth about me, just this morning, as I packed up all my stuff and sent it on its way back home, I had an epidemic moment of pure emotion and sentiment. It was about the fact that I’m almost done college. I’m about 3 weeks away from being done school… For real this time, and it made me think about these two crazy years at NAIT! 

I remember my first day at NAIT like it was yesterday. Being nervous in a room with faces of people whom i’d never met before, knowing that these were the people i’d be practically living with for the next two years of my life. All I could think was how hard it was going to be to make friends with them, and why do people keep telling me it’ll “go fast”. I really couldn’t fathom the fact that 730 days, 104 weeks, 24 months and two years could go by fast. But they (my profs and the second years at the time) were right! Although I still have no clue as to how 730 days, 104 weeks, 24 months and two years went by fast, it truly did and it only took ONE of those days to become friends with everybody. 

The last two years of my life have been spent, learning and growing as a human being and as a photographer. I don’t think i’ll ever forget these two years and how amazing they have been. It’s scary to think that true reality lies right in front of me, but because of these people and these two years I am ready to face it head on with no (okay maybe a little) fear. So to my classmates before and after me, thank you for your help and guidance, making me push myself to be so much better as both a photographer and a person. To my graduating class, thank you for your honest advice, kind words, beautiful smiles and all the laughter we’ve shared, thank you for being you! As corny (Seriously i’m pinching myself right now) as it may sound I hope we stay friends forever and that we can always turn to each other because we really have been through hell and back. Last but not least my profs, thank you so much for putting up with us, your advice and honesty has helped so much. I have learned more than I thought possible. 

Thank you to everyone who has helped me get here. Friends, family, all of you….

I’m not going to keep blabbing on about this because i’m sure you have better things to do or more interesting blogs to read but I will finish with this, these classmates of mine are my family and as we part ways they will stay my family forever. So lets all get out there and kick some serious photo ass! 


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