Big Family Session

So normally I keep my blog posts short and sweet because I know that when I’m scrolling through a photography blog I tend to just scan the post and go straight to the pictures, but today I’m going to write a little more than normal. This session was with one of my best clients, and I just really wanted to write a bit of a thank you post. Ali has been my most faithful, supportive, motivating and all around just the most fun client I’ve ever had. She has been more than I could have ever even asked for at this stage in my career. This will be our 4th session together and we’re already planning the next one! Starting my own business hasn’t been easy and I most certainly have my good days and my bad. When I’m having a bad day I always try to think and remind myself about what’s to come. A thought that has truly gotten me through some bad days is thinking about how many more awesome clients, just like Ali, are going to cross my path over the course of my career. Not only is her family amazing to photograph, simply because they’re so happy all the time, but they’re fun to be around. I was nervous going into a big family session as I’ve never had a full hour session outdoors with this many people, but it turned out amazing! I couldn’t be more happy with the pictures.

With such a beautiful family it’s hard not to enjoy the pictures!


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