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Boudoir FAQ – Hamilton Boudoir Photographer

Boudoir FAQ – Hamilton Boudoir Photographer

Going into a boudoir session can be pretty intimating. Being in front of a camera is incredibly venerable for many, let alone when you’re half-naked! It’s good to have an idea and a good sense of what to expect before you book. This is why I have a full consultation before you commit to booking. It gives us a chance to go over the details and for you to ask all your questions.

Some questions I get a lot so here are a few of my commonly asked questions! If you’re interested in inquiring head to the link below.

Hamilton Boudoir Photographer
Hamilton Boudoir Photographer – Bridal Boudoir Photography Session

What happens on the day of?

You’ll arrive, get hair and make-up done, and we start shooting! I walk you through poses and guide you every step of the way. It’s a really fun time for you, we’ll get bubbles of some sort going, your favourite music playing and just have a good ol’ sexy time.

Then the next day over a zoom call we’ll pick all your favourites and go through the packages, add-ons, tangibles and more! During our pre-booking consultation, I’ll walk you through more of the intricacies of how it works, how I shoot, pose and more.

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What should I wear on the day of?

Always arrive in loose clothes! You don’t want to have any marks from tight undies or jeans, so wear clothes that are comfy and loose and don’t wear your lingerie to the shoot. I even recommend being braless! Bring all your outfits, extra black undies in a bag.

Should I get a self-tan?

I highly advise against a tan or self-tan of some sort. If you are the type that regularly gets tans and always does the exact same routine and it would be weird to not do it then go for it, otherwise avoid it at all costs. Spray tans and other at-home tanning products don’t always turn out the way you want, you may have streaks, lines, be a little more orange or darker than planned for and that is not what you want.

I will charge extra for editing if you have streaks or colour corrections needed. You’re natural body and skin is perfect just the way it is!

Boudoir FAQ – Hamilton Boudoir Photographer

Is it ok if I have my period?

You do you girl! I am not going to say no. Be aware that oftentimes one can feel bloated, crampy, tired and uncomfortable during that time and that’s no way to enter a boudoir session. The week/two right after your period is best so try to plan for that if you can.

If you are on your period I recommend avoiding any period products that could be noticeable, a pad is the obvious example, but also remember to tuck your tamp. string. I personally use a diva cup so it’s completely concealed.

Period bloat and bloat, in general, is real and if you happen to have it and you’re worried about it you can try eating de-bloating food the day before. That’s the food like asparagus, ginger, fennel, cucumber, beets, kimchi, lentils, oatmeal, spinach, zucchini, coconut water, and drinking tons of water the day before. Do what you’re comfortable with, your body bloats, that’s totally normal and we’re going to make you look amazing bloat or not.

Hamilton Boudoir Photographer

Does my package come with digitals?

Nope, it doesn’t, your session rate includes studio space, hair & make-up, 3 outfits to start, 1-2 hour session, next day proofing gallery over a zoom (or in person if doable with locations and covid regulations), and more! Digitals are an add-on. I offer collections that include multiple items both tangible and digital as well as individual A La Carte items for you to build your own package. That’s something we discuss at our consultation, your session and on our zoom call the next day!

Boudoir Album – Boudoir FAQ – Hamilton Boudoir Photographer
Boudoir FAQ – Hamilton Boudoir Photographer
Boudoir FAQ – Hamilton Boudoir Photographer

Where do I buy lingerie from?

With each boudoir booking I am slowly building my own closet for you lovely folks to draw from, until then I recommend this blog post and these companies.

Key Lingerie Tip!! There is no right lingerie to wear. Remember to wear what feels right to you, your personality and something that fits you fabulously. This is your time to show off so show it off authentically! It’s also ok to have a tight budget for lingerie. This blog post has companies that offer affordable and size-inclusive pieces as well as a few luxurious pieces for those wanting to splurge!

Boudoir FAQ - Hamilton Boudoir Photographer
Bridal Lingerie

What/How much do you re-touch?

I do not body modify or edit skin. I shoot using the light to accentuate your curves in the most flattering way, and for the few minor odd spots that I can’t control during the shoot I will use a highlighting technique in photoshop, but I will not be getting rid of cellulite or stretch marks on a large scale. If there are a few minor spots you’re self-conscious of, let me know at the shoot so I can try to avoid them or make a note for lighting. For example; you wish you had a bigger butt… NO problem, I will know to post and light that booty so it looks extra va-va-voom!

When we start shooting I’ll ask what features you love on yourself and we’ll focus on those first! I will edit out blemishes and anything minor that isn’t normally there.

You are beautiful and you will see how beautiful you are without Kim Kardashian level photoshop! I PROMISE! I will do extensive photoshop for you if you absolutely want but I do charge $350 by the hour.

Boudoir FAQ - Hamilton Boudoir Photographer
Boudoir Photographer Hamilton

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