DIY – Pressed Flowers

For quite some time now I have wanted to work on some art to fill our new apartment. I wasn’t sure what I wanted but knew that I wanted to be the one creating it. While walking home the other day I came across a beautiful bush of wild roses and thought about how I could capture and preserve their beauty. I’ve never pressed flowers or designed anything into a glass frame, but I figured it worth a try. This is my version of how you can make an art piece for your own home!


The first step is to press the flowers (duh!), for this I used paper towel. However I would highly recommend using some kind of paper, newspaper, or something without texture. The reason for this is that the paper towel’s texture can leave an imprint on the flower, as you can see in some of the images.

Once you have selected the flowers pat them dry with paper towel, lay them out on your sheets with a bit a wiggle room in between flowers, place another sheet of paper on top, and then slip it gently into a big book.

Once your done with all the flowers put the book underneath something heavy (I just put it under a bunch of other books!), and wait about 2 weeks or until each flower is completely dry!

josie nicole,josie nicole photography,nature,ontario,photographer,photography,professional photography,

josie nicole,josie nicole photography,nature,ontario,photographer,photography,professional photography,

Take a blank piece of paper and cut it to the size of your frame, you’re going to use this piece of paper as a layout for your final piece, so it doesn’t need to be perfect.

Arrange the flowers and play around, get creative and take your time arranging a layout that you like the best.

Once you’ve completed this step, give your glass frames a good clean to ensure there are no finger prints left behind.




For this part I used a generic craft glue, but I read online that Modge Podge also works very well. You’re going to apply a small dot of glue to the back of the flower and place that side onto the glass. *Tip: using an item like a q-tip, straw or even a chopstick will help you control how much glue you use.

This part is subjective and how you layer on your flowers will depend on your design. Whatever makes most sense to you is perfect! Now you can simply let it dry which typically takes 2 hours.




Once it’s all dry, place the top glass on and put it in the frame! There you have it, your own unique homemade art!

Funny story, I actually broke the glass putting it into the frame because the frame was slightly bent and it put too much pressure on the glass. Learn from my mistake, and be very gentle and use care when handling the glass! Unfortunately I don’t have a final product to show you yet, but will definitely share when it’s completed!

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