DIY tea cup Haworthia’s


I’ve always enjoyed plants and gardening. Even as a little girl I would ‘help’ my Nana in her huge gorgeous back yard. By help, I mean dig up dirt and maybe cut a few dying branches here and there, but no matter what I was doing I loved it. I’ve always admired good design, and in a way, a garden is a design. So, of course, I had to jump onto the DIY succulent terrarium train! It’s also why I got so excited when I found some haworthia plants at Safeway for $9.99. The Haworthia plants went perfectly with these cute little vintage cups that I found at Zoe’s thrift store.

The process of actually moving the plants into the tea cups was actually incredibly easy. I dug a spoon into the side of the given jar and kind of wiggled it around in circles slowly pushing the dirt up and out. Eventually, I just grabbed the plant in both hands and very gently pulled it out. Each plant is a different shape and size so I had to just go off what I felt worked best, but I would put a little dirt on the bottom of the teacup

first and build around that. After the dirt I would then place the core of the plant on top and building the greenery around it. I really jammed a lot in there to make sure it was super sturdy.

These particular plants only need to be watered once every two weeks and can be kept in almost any environment, sun or no sun. How easy is that! I can’t wait to do more.

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