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This week I took to Instagram to see what to blog about! I had a few ideas already, and people suggested some similar things but then one came up that I really liked because it was unique and out of my norm! Someone suggested I write about my dream wedding locations, both international and national.

I thought this would be a fun idea as I have many ideas and places I’ve always wanted to photograph but I basically never share them.

To keep it simple I’ve selected 5 Canadian dream spots and 5 international dream spots. They are in no particular order because when I tried to do that I genuinely could not decide how to order them! haha

Moody intimate Quebec wedding.
Gatineau Wedding Photographer – Taken while second shooting for Sophie Fortier
Outdoor intimate wedding. Muskoka chairs
Intimate Lake Wedding Photographer – Ottawa River – Intimate Wedding Photographer
Black and White Wedding photography. Lakefield Ontario. Outdoor adventure wedding photographer
Ontario Intimate Farm Wedding


  1. Lake Okanagan: First things first, lake Okanagan is such a beautiful area it doesn’t even matter where you are on the lake. My personal favourite area is Penticton. It doesn’t even matter though, because wherever you are on the lake you’ll have stunning views from every angle! You’re always surrounded by beautiful mountains, a huge lake, lots of wineries, and beautiful farm spaces. I’ll take any wedding/elopement/engagement/couple sessions I can get there.
  2. This one isn’t as specific as the previous one. I know certain ski hills will allow for ceremonies at the top of the mountain. I feel like any mountain top would be amazing for a session! As an outdoorsy person who grew up in the mountains, nothing would make my heart sing more.
  3. Algonquin Park. I’m a ‘camping by a lake’ kind of gal when I’m not working so the idea of doing a destination lakeside wedding/elopement at an Algonquin National Park resort/cottage makes me stoked! There are a few resorts inside the park and even more just outside. If you’re outdoorsy and looking for an intimate getaway wedding this just might be your place Arowhon Pines | Bartlett Lodge | Tamakwa Experiences
  4. This might be redundant with the last one, but I love lakes (really any large body of water!). I grew up spending my summers by a lake. Swimming in them, canoeing on them, kayaking, relaxing beside them. So it’s a bit of a no brainer that any wedding in the Georgian Bay/Lake Huron area would be so fantastic. That area includes Muskoka, Bruce Peninsula, Manitoulin Island and so much more. If your wedding is less than 60 guests you likely won’t have too many issues finding venues and resorts that can host everyone. If it’s a higher number you may have to commit some more research time, but there are still options! Here are a few! Oakwood Resort | Serenity Cottage | Severn Lodge | Aisling Weddings
  5. I really struggled to pick the last one. There are so many stunning areas across our beautiful country. I wavered from the Vancouver/Victoria area all the way to the east coast. I ended up choosing an area that I hold dear and near to my heart. Canmore/Banff and the Peter Lougheed National Park area. I grew up in Calgary and we were constantly travelling and spending time in the mountains by the border between Alberta and BC. I can’t count how many times I’ve driven to Canmore, Banff, Crowsnest Past, Kananaskis and even further like Fernie, Invermere, Shuswap & Mara lake to name a few. Being that I love visiting home and try to once or twice a year, weddings in these areas are extra welcome.

Now don’t get me wrong, we are surrounded with beautiful sights and we are so lucky to live in Canada. Any wedding in our beautiful country I’m happy to have. If you are planning or want to plan a wedding in any of these places or another place that’s not listed, reach out and let’s do it! I’m there!

Outdoor intimate photographer
Okanagan Lake, Kelowna Couple Photographer – Naramata Vineyard
Intimate outdoor wedding photographer. Ottawa River Wedding
Ottawa River – Intimate Outdoor Wedding
Bon Echo Park engagement session. Camp photography session
Bon Echo Provincial Park – Lake Couples Photography Session – Intimate Photographer
canoe wedding. Adventurous wedding Ottawa River Wedding Photographer.
Ottawa River Intimate Wedding Photographer – Ontario


  1. First I have to start with Italy. Why?! I don’t know. I love the architecture, the history, the landscape, the wine, the food, and honestly what more do you need! haha. If you’re getting married/eloping to Italy HMU! It’s for sure the top of the list for international places. I know I said they’re in no order and I swear the rest aren’t but I can’t lie Italy is easily at the top for me.
  2. Zion National Park, Utah. Now honestly any of the red rock areas like The Grand Canyon I would die to shoot in. They’re so cool, but I have always had an eye on this park for some reason. If you’re eloping here please let me know so I can come and take pictures! I’ve never been as a tourist and it’s on my personal bucket list as well so it would be a dream come true.
  3. Australia! Anywhere… Truly. Sand dunes, beaches, wineries, on a hillside, in the mountains, by the ocean, away from the ocean. Australia has such a different landscape from Canada I think an Australian Elopement would be mega cool.
  4. I’ve been to Ireland and can honestly say it was by far one of my favourite countries I’ve ever been to. Going back to capture someone’s special wedding day would be so unique, meaningful and amazing. The country is so beautiful it would make for a great backdrop!
  5. Southern France… Ok ok, anywhere in France! I don’t know if I need to explain this one further. The country of love and elegance with so much history, good food, good wine, beautiful architecture and in the south of France, beautiful white-sand beaches. Count me in!

I love travelling and the fact that my job is capturing special moments for people to hold onto forever means that I can do it from literally anywhere! That is so cool to me and I would love it if you would consider me for your special wedding/elopement or even a simple session. Let’s go adventure together!

Planning your 2021/22 wedding? Book me here! https://josienicolephotography.com/bookme/

Destination Photographer. Thailand beach photo session
Thailand – Beach Couples Session
Palm Springs Elopement Photographer. Adventurous Couples
Palm Springs Elopement Photographer
Intimate Elopement Palm Springs California
Los Angeles Elopement Photographer
Moody colourful palm springs engagement session. Destination Photographer
California Couples Session – Destination Photographer
Ireland 2015

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