Everything you need to know about Wedding Albums

Everything you need to know about Wedding Albums

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Wedding albums aren’t talked about enough in my opinion so today I wanted to do a little breakdown of the joys an album can bring, some pros and cons to doing it a certain way, and some other facts to know!

To start I thought I’d break it down into two different scenarios.

*Preface- There is no wrong or right way to deal with your wedding images. Do what speaks to you, do what your gut says and don’t worry about the rest. I’m basing all of this on feedback from past clients, comments and responses to polls and my own experience.

Scene 1 – No Wedding Album

Picture this, you get married, have the best day full of champagne and doing the robot in an epic dress. Then you wait for the photos from the day. These photos are for the thank you cards, for mom/s, dad/s and other members because they will not stop asking for them and probably for an Instagram post. Finally, after a month or so of anticipation, you get your images. You’re thrilled, you notice a couple of faves for your own use but quickly start designing thank you cards and run your USB to Costco to get pictures printed for the fam jam!

Things to know about buying and designing a wedding album

Scene 2 – Wedding Album

Now picture this. Epic wedding day, dancing and all. You wait with anticipation for your wedding images of which you’ve already decided to go with a full wedding album for yourself and 2 parent albums that the photographer is designing for you. The day finally comes! You get your a hand delivery by your photographer (or mail) with some cute gifts and a note that says something like “hey you, take the evening off to flip through this book together with your favourite celebratory drink”. So, you don’t peak and you wait until the evening when you and your partner sit down together and flip through a gorgeous, professionally designed album. An album that perfectly and completely re-tells the story of your wedding day, from getting ready to partying all night long. Once the album has been looked through and enjoyed all you have to do is drive to the parent’s house to drop off their albums.

I know for me the latter experience sounds much more enjoyable as it doesn’t require as much running around and ‘doing’. The ability to really savour and enjoy the images is much more prominent. In summation, this is one of the reasons I really push and recommend considering adding an album to your overall wedding budget.

Unfortunately, it’s way too easy to lose track of images on a computer, cloud or drive. You know they’re there so you’re not as likely to pull them up and look at them in a particular order. You’ll likely just revisit a few of your favourites. However, with an album, you have an excuse every birthday/anniversary/or whenever you feel like it to sit down and to reminisce together. This is honestly so much more special and meaningful. I’ve had past brides come back to me to tell me that their wedding album is so much more valuable than the digitals. They say it’s because the album tells their story.

Special Moments on your wedding day to put into a wedding album.

Today I wanted to chat more about some pros, con’s and general facts about wedding albums so you know how to make the best decision for you moving forward. Let’s dive into some pro’s and cons of having a wedding album

Wedding Album Facts & Tips

  • Pick your faves only! When it comes to flipping through your album less will be more. Stick to the ones you love
  • If you need to hold off for budget reasons that’s ok, but try not to put off your wedding album for too long. Select your favourites right away and get the process started while it’s all still fresh in your mind.
  • Currently, I’m speaking to what I do only, with me, you will have full printing rights. This means that you don’t have to get your album through me and can do it on your own.
  • The company I use is a more fine art style of wedding albums through a high-end Canadian printing company. They are truly jaw-dropping and absolutely stunning. Because of the quality delivered they are more expensive, but if you still want me to design your album but have a tight budget let’s chat. I have a few other album printing companies that I can rely on for smaller budgets.
  • Make sure you print through a company that uses techniques that will last a lifetime. This way your album will always look brand new!
  • Budget troubles? Buy your album on your anniversary. Albums are expensive, the average client invests an extra $1800-2400 on albums with me. If you need to take a spending break and get your album later, do it! Come back to me when you’re ready, It’ll still be so worth it!
Everything you need to know about Wedding Albums
Ottawa Wedding Photographer
Wedding Photographer Album – Ottawa

Pro’s to having your photographer design your wedding album

  1. It will save you a bunch of time
  2. Saves you stress. The number one response when I did a poll on Instagram was that people found it confusing and overwhelming to design their own album.
  3. Guaranteed satisfaction. I won’t finish until it’s perfect for you. Many of my couples give me full creative freedom and don’t use any of their allotted edits of the design, but best assured you can if that’s what you want!
  4. Help along the way. This isn’t my first album rodeo. I can give you honest advice on different upgrades, layouts, and more. What’s worth it and what’s not.
  5. Multiple revisions. I allow for up to 3 revisions of the album design.
  6. Don’t have to learn a new program
  7. Guaranteed life-lasting quality. I print through the best and only the best for you!
  8. You’re supporting my small biz even more!
Elopement Photographer Ottawa – photographer design your wedding album


  1. It will cost you more money
  2. It’s a con if you think you’ll want more revisions. I do allow for extra revisions but please know that it does cost extra money
  3. Can take a bit more time when the photographer does it
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Ottawa Wedding Photographer – Wedding Albums

Do you have any questions about wedding albums?! Comment below or email me info@josienicolephotography.com

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