Favourite Moments – A Throwback Post

Through rain and sun I’ve seen a lot of crazy things on my shoots, and I have plenty of entertaining stories from all the weddings I’ve done over the years second shooting, assisting on commercial shoots, and lifestyle sessions. I could have spent hours going through all of my pictures to get my all time top favourites, but I figured that it would take way too long, so instead I’ve decided to go with some 2016 and 2017 front runners! These are just some moments, people and experiences that have made me laugh so hard, and yet touched my heart. Some beautiful moments, as well as some comical and lively ones.

Some of these pictures bring back great memories of what was happening, and some are simply my most cherished images. It’s a combination of sentimental and enchanting photographs.

Enjoy and share with your friends!

This wedding was amazing, super intimate and small, but a great party. This couple, Steph and Jeremy, had a food truck come to their house, while all the kids played street hockey with some serious laughter. This was also a very beautiful and emotional wedding. Their 30 closest friends and family were at the ceremony crying and laughing with both the bride and groom. It was an unforgettable day. This was also the first wedding I’d done where I realized that weddings were made for me. It made me appreciate what an honor it was to spend such a momentous day with the happiest of people, on the biggest day of their life. How lucky am I!

This wedding was so incredible, it was stunning moment after stunning moment with the coolest of all couples. I was able to get some of my favourite detail shots and stayed for the dance after! Something i’m always happy to do!

These three weddings I all did while working as a second shooter for other Ottawa photographers, but these are some of my favourite shots. I mean, look at that cheese table (Yes… Cheese TABLE!!). Dreams do come true 😉

I love working with couples! It’s so intimate and I enjoy the playful nature of these shoots. I really cherish getting the opportunity to show romance through my camera’s lens!

I’ve included just a few head shots from some of my favourite sessions. These session were most definitely more creative than 90% of all my head shots, so if your a creative person and want a unique and specialized headshot that really shows your personality please email me. I absolutely love the challenge it gives me, as well as inspiring to see a more personal side of people!

How could we forget the family photo sessions I’ve done. Back in Calgary it was a huge part of my business and I loved every minute of it! I have many more wonderful family photos, but I figured I would pick my top and most recent ones. P.S. If you’re in the Ottawa area and want a family session or need a gift idea (they make great gifts), send me a message!


My final and most loved, boudoir. I adore shooting boudoir, it is such a rush of laughs, bubbly wine, great lingerie and stunning women! I get to see an everyday lady grow into a confident boss women. It’s the most inspiring to shoot for me personally. It’s very empowering!

Message me if you’re interested in a session, because I have a mini session sale right now for November!



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