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Fun & Unique Wedding Ideas for 2021

Everyone wants a fun & unique wedding that has originality. Easier said than done though!

I’ve seen some pretty unique and cool ideas at different weddings I’ve been to both as a guest and a photographer. I love seeing new and creative ideas therefore I thought I would start inspiring. Dear engaged couples, do whatever the heck you want! Oh, and no apologizing for it! It’s your special day to celebrate and it should be a reflection of who you two are. You should absolutely incorporate elements that you love or that make you two unique! 

So here is my advice/ideas/tips on planning a fun & unique wedding for 2021

Think things that you love, movies that you quote all the time, songs you listen to, favourite animals, favourite foods, favourite booze, or even hobbies you have! Your possibilities are endless!

My best advice when planning your wedding is to think outside the box and never let yourself feel constrained by the status quo. Society has pushed this idea that everything needs to be perfectly colour matched, on-theme, on-trend, or whatever is absolutely bogus! Rules schmules. 

It is easy to have brain farts when trying to think “out of the box”, as a matter of fact, that phrase is more likely to make me roll my eyes. So I thought I would help you, 2021 brides, with some ideas and examples. These are for those who want to shake things up.

Personally I don’t think this disclaimer is too necessary but here we go. Most of these ideas were from the inspiration I’ve collected over the years and things I’ve seen online. Only a few are my own ideas. I’m not claiming they’re all mine! COOL!

Ottawa wedding photographer

Ceremony Ideas

  • Flower/leaf Confetti! I love this idea as it’s earth-friendly and even cuter than regular confetti
  • Circle ceremony sites
  • Having your alter surround you on the ground instead of above you like a traditional altar
  • Altar be a natural element like a tree trunk, fallen tree, or a flower/fruit bush
  • A ceremony backdrop that’s wallpapered (I think wallpaper is an upcoming trend that you could add throughout your wedding for some colour, flair and personalization)
  • Alternatively having your ceremony backdrop be created/inspired by an artist
  • Using modern art to inspire the altar area or decorating it with that art
  • Antique mixed-matched chairs
  • String lights above the ceremony site
  • Sunset or evening ceremony
  • Pre-ceremony snacks and drinks
  • Print out of your favourite song lyrics and have it at the altar or entrance of the ceremony
  • Have your first dance after your vows or during dinner instead of at the end of your day
At the start of this ceremony, the couples surprised their moms with a special gift. A locket with a photo of each of them when they were younger. It was a surprise to all and such a beautiful and meaningful gesture.
A good example of using art at your ceremony. This is also a good example of what a wallpaper backdrop could look like. https://orangeblossombride.com/wedding-inspiration/11-unique-wedding-ceremony-arch-ideas/

Cocktail Hour

  • Games! The idea of games isn’t new, in order to stand apart really think creatively. What are your favourite games when at home? Giant anything is always funny and great. Try to think of games that get people physically involved (most people won’t want to sit down and play a board game). Personalized/wedding Mad Libs (if there are kids you can have an adult version and a kid version for fun!), Jenga but put truths and/or dares on each block so when someone pulls a piece out that have to do that task (remember to keep it pg if there are youths involved!), ring toss, connect four/giant connect four, bocce ball, badminton, scavenger hunt…
  • If there are a lot of kids, have a kids area set up with puzzles, legos, colouring books, kid-friendly mad libs and other like activities
  • Build your own snack bar. DIY snack bars allow people to personalize there snack to their own personal liking (this works super well for outdoor weddings); pretzels, popcorn, waffles, sammies, trail mix, nachos, mini tacos, fries – think, cheese, gravy, sauces, meat, veggies… the opportunities are endless!
  • Self-serving bar – Champagne on tap, or beer & cider taps for people to walk up and top up!
This is a sponsored blog post for the company Bai. I have never heard of them, I just found this on Pinterest to show you how it could be done. https://www.drinkbai.com/recipes/cocktails-and-mocktails/cinco-de-mayo-party-2


  • I love it when I see picnic tables at outdoor weddings with cute mismatched cushions. More picnic tables, please!
  • Table shapes! Create a long curvy line or a u-shape or even a circle with your tables
  • Hanging flower wall
  • Photo area/photobooth (to personalize repurposed your unique altar, or have a theme. Like Harry Potter, neon disco or the ’70s loaded with 70’s backdrop & props!)
  • Instead of cutting the cake get a cake pinata (I saw this on Brides.com a little while ago and LOVED this one)
  • Ditch the cake and opt for a mountain of waffles, cookies or brownies! (As far as desserts go, it seems like it’s almost all been done. Instead of trying to do something groundbreaking just think of your favourite sweet treat and have that be your dessert so you can treat yo self!)
  • Plan a surprise for your guests. Consider doing an activity or actually physically surprising them!
How cute is this for an outdoor wedding! Also, this full blog post shows all the seating where they used mix-matched chairs as well as benches and it’s proof that picnic tables can look awesome! https://isaiahandtaylor.com/new-blog/california-destination-wedding-lake-leonard-reserve
Sparklers with your first dance is a bold move and if the fire safety regulations allow for it you should absolutely consider this. It makes an impact and your guests will be ‘wow’ing!
This couple hopped into a canoe and paddled around a little outlet toward where everyone was enjoying the cocktail hour. Their arrival was a surprise and a welcome one being that they canoed right up to the party!



In this section, the next few points are geared towards ladies and the following are geared toward men. For those who don’t identify as either, you might find some helpful tips in both and as a matter of fact, some of these tips can really apply to anyone!

  • Shoes: Ditch the traditional wedding shoes for some fun and funky kicks! These are some of my favourites right now style-wise; White Western Booties, white booties, Disco Heels, For my outdoorsy active bride’s white docs rock, or glitter docs, a funky take on classic heels (plus these ones come in holographic as well as two different shades of white!), Edgy booties, I’m obsessed with the idea of wearing white runners, but I do think they need to be extra special like these ones!, and of course a little more classic but still different, shoes for my brides
  • Dress: A wedding dress that is unique in style or an alternative colour – I’m slowly seeing more fringe, crochet, lace, coloured embroidery, stars and different hues in wedding dresses. Your dress doesn’t have to be outrageously different but plays up your personality a little bit with some flair. Also pantsuits rock!
  • Coloured or unique veils (The ombre pink veil below gives me life and the seller offers different colours!)
  • Try going hair accessory free! Or swapping from a flower crown to a crown-like this one! Change up the materials, colours, shapes and size from the standard wedding hair accessory to add a bit of edge or softness!
  • Shoes; Now to my grooms, your shoes can also be fun and unique. Try; Fancy loafer, casual slip-on, something thrifty, chelsea boot. Why not go for a Dr.Marten or a Blundstone, or even Vans (Go for a fancy leather Van, a classic or Customize your own!) or Chucks! Some of these might not seem that crazy, but switch it up from what you wear as a guest. Opt-out of that classic dress shoe. You can go for different colours or designs as well. Your socks aren’t the only thing that can be funky!
  • Tie wearers; Your tie can be unique too, and I don’t just mean coloured wildflowers. There are lots of options for you! Below is a disco/mirror tie! Very out there! Now maybe a disco tie isn’t your thing but you can still think big. Think flamingos, plants, food, hobbies (bicycle, skiing, golf, painting, hockey, guitar, music…), cocktails, tropical, animals (example 1, example 2), references to movies or shows you like (example!). Rember that you just want it to be a reflection of who you are!
  • A lot of people forget that you can do a pattern on pattern! pattern shirt with a patterned tie! (Follow this guide. I know it’s geared towards women but pattern on pattern rules apply to all!)
  • Suits & Suit Jackets; I think we need to play more with our suits ladies, gentlemen and everyone in between! Texture, material, colour, cut… For example instead of going for a typical mustard yellow, that you love, but half of your friends say looks like puke go, for a canary yellow or a sandy yellow. Or how about that beautiful rust colour we see everywhere, or opting for a marigold, cider orange, or even apricot. Swapping those classic, trendy colours for something similar but still different will allow more room to play!

^* I really dislike the white on white look with no tie and the buttons open on top, but if that’s what you like you do you! I just truly LOVE an all-white look with a white tie! Again; you do you!


  • Phrases! Adding phrases throughout the reception and ceremony area. For example; at a popcorn bar “all because he popped the question”… Or my own winning phrase mentioned above for a self serve bar “walk up and top up!” (I think that I think it’s better than it is, but I would use it!)
  • Disco Balls (Please can we please make this a trend that never leaves?!)
  • Play with ombre! Your florals, table decor, welcome sign, dessert table. Anything, add a pop of colour at one end and fade to white or black for that extra oomph of cool!
  • With the wave of people trying to go green in more ways have your favour be something that can’t be wasted! For example natural soap, a little plant/succulent, or plant/food seeds, give everyone a reusable sealable cup for the evening and to take home (I found these on Amazon and they come with name tag stickers!), food that can be eaten and enjoyed!; chocolates/truffles, cookies, cake pop, popcorn, hot sauce, etc.

Now for some more pictures to inspire you all!

Drying out your own leaves and flowers to use for decor. Both an easy and very affordable DIY.
This is a photo from a wedding I took back in 2017! Their shoe choice was on point! (Also wow, my editing has changed a lot!)
Having photos of your family members when they got married, like your parents and grandparents on both sides is a special way to personalize. Also, guests from the family who knew them will love this!

Upcoming Trends

  • Asymmetrical designs (This one will pop up in different ways like veils, dresses, hairpieces. However the most popular will likely be bouquets, table and altar decor)
  • Holo! (To clarify I mean holographic. It’s bright, colourful, fun and very summery! Iridescent looks similar and although is technically different will offer the same style. Ultimately its colourful, shimmery and very eye-catching). Don’t know how to add it into your wedding, this post can serve as great inspo!
  • Neon/light signs
  • Two totally different but both relevant colour trends to watch for; 1. Black and white colour schemes. 2. Lots of colours, bright and bold colours, or maybe pastel but colours on colours
  • Monochromatic and minimalist designs/decor
  • Minimalist and ethereal bouquets
  • Dried Flowers
  • Bridesmaid have either unique & non-traditional bouquets or no bouquets at all
  • Stars!
  • More twinkle lights hanging from above and with that being said greenery and botanicals as well hanging from above. Lots of things hanging from above!
These plates have an iridescent finish! It adds a nice subtle pop of colour! https://everygoldendetail.com/products/iridescent-glass-charger-with-gold-rim
Blue & White Dress with his suit matching exactly!
Very ethereal, minimalist and asymmetrical! http://sheanstrong.com/
Twinkly lights!
Really Simple – Less is more approach to table decor
A beautiful dried flower crown. https://www.atelierprairies.com/
Minimalist table decor. It’s budget-friendly and clears up space for people to really see each other. It gets rid of visual clutter and is timeless.

I hope you all enjoyed this fun & unique wedding ideas for 2021 post and found it truly inspirational and helpful! These are ideas to inspire you, by no means is this a guide you must follow. You are 100% allowed to do whatever you want, that’s the whole point of this.

Most importantly do you and follow your heart!

If you have any other cool ideas comment them below!

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