Have you always wanted boudoir photos but been too shy or nervous? That's how I felt too, and how a lot of my clients feel before they come in. I'm here to tell you that it's a really incredible experience for you and you're going to have so much fun! Let's get some bubbly popping, a dance party started, and have a ball while looking mega hot!

How it works;
First, we're going to chat on the phone to discuss all things boudoir package. Then you'll get to go treat yourself to some new cute pieces of lingerie, we'll meet up for your incredible day shoot. Within 48 hours we will be on a zoom consultation for your viewing party! This is where you'll confirm your favourite images along with your collections!

For an individual, all sessions start at $399 and include everything you'll ever need. Including full glam, studio space, wardrobe, guide, same-day reveal and more. The average investment is around $1700 after products are purchased. I also offer group boudoir session packages.

*Please note that sometimes my responses will go to your spam so if you haven't heard back from me check your junk mail.