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Gorgeous Backyard Hamilton Wedding

Gorgeous Backyard Hamilton Wedding

Tori & Matt had the most gorgeous backyard wedding with the most intimate group of family and friends last year and I am stoked for them! An early summer, waterfront, backyard is the perfect venue for an intimate gathering. The property belongs to the brides parents which made it so special. So not only were the views great but the meaning was too.

The day started really simple and low key with them getting ready in separate rooms with their bridal parties. By the time I arrived everyone was mostly ready to go and hanging out. It was very chill Tori and Matt were very ready to get hitched!

The day was full of laughs, tears, and meaningful moments between loved ones, with Tori revealing and greeting her grandparents first in private to fireworks from the dock after sunset. Tori and Matt planned a smooth and effortless day that is one they and their guests won’t forget!

If I can give you any advice while planning your wedding it’s…

To anyone planning a wedding I cannot recommend enough to have photo time slotted in at sunset. This golden hour session was probably 30-40 minutes before the sun went down and it was absolutely worth every minute! As you can see in the photos below sunset made for some incredible shots where they were flattered and had a glow. That golden sunset glow! It really does make you radiate! Golden hour and the 20 minutes right after are just the absolute best for photos.

  1. It’s super flattering light
  2. Creates great backdrops
  3. More dramatic which is great for wall art!
  4. Gives you a moment to step away from the craziness of it all and take a breath with each other
  5. Doesn’t have to be 1.5hr long. A quick 10 minutes before the sunsets followed by a quick 5 minutes after and your set! More time is better and I encourage at least 30 minutes total but do what feels right for you knowing it’ll look great!

Enjoy these gorgeous photos!

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Gorgeous Backyard Hamilton Wedding

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