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A Beautiful Hamilton AirBnB Elopement

Rachelle & Roberto had a beautiful Hamilton AirBnB elopement!

Rachelle & Roberto never wanted a big fancy event so they were lucky enough to have a less affected wedding by COVID19. Their small backyard wedding/elopement was hosted at an Airbnb and it was perfect for them. They could not be more in love with the venue they chose, and I have to agree with them on that one! It was cozy, intimate but big enough for them to keep everything organized and for people to space out to keep socially distanced.

They lit little candles throughout the space as the sunset and in addition, had a close friend on fire duty keeping the fire stoked and warm! It was an unfortunately cold night for early October so people appreciated the fire a lot!

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A Beautiful Hamilton AirBnB Elopement

Planning an elopement seems so simple and easy but there are small elements that elevate your event from an enjoyment perspective and décor as well!

Rachelle & Roberto did a great job with both. They offered blankets for warmth, s’more bags for fun later in the evening, space heaters and a small tent to help keep some heat in for all their guests. These little aspects helped elevate theirs and their guest’s experience. Lighting little candles and string lights everywhere added to the décor aspect. That warm light creates such a soft and romantic mood. They nailed it!

The takeaway for planning your elopement!

  1. Don’t shy away from an Airbnb. Some won’t let you have a small gathering on the premise so be sure to read through and ask questions. Once you have that sorted though it’s a great way to host a very small event. It’s more intimate, more affordable and if you don’t have the right backyard for a backyard wedding this still allows you to get that!
  2. Small pieces of décor that add to the mood are always worth it. Lighting; things like candles, twinkle lights, fire, tea lights etc can really set the tone for a cozy and intimate evening. For example their little tea lights on the doc, or their friend keeping the fire pit going. It doesn’t need to be pricy if you’re on a tight budget, something simple does the job!
  3. Gifting your guests something to do like roasting s’mores makes for great fun! It brings people together to do a task. Your guests will feel treated and engaged!

Above all the most important takeaway is to always follow your heart. Stick to your gut and do what makes you happy, it is your wedding day after all.

Without further ado! Here are a few of my favourite images from their special wedding day!

Doing up the Dress – Bride
Bridal Look – Bridal Hair & Make-up
Wedding Rings
Decor for small backyard elopement
First Look – Groom Reaction
Groom Reaction – First Look
The First Look – Bride and Groom Portraits
The Bride & Grooms First Look
Wedding Couple
Rachelle & Roberto


Walk Down the aisle – Airbnb Backyard Ceremony
Hamilton Elopement Photographer – Airbnb Waterfront Elopement
Backyard Ceremony – Poem Read
Ceremony Laughs
Vows Hamilton Backyard Ceremony – Elopement
Grooms Vows – Ottawa River Backyard Elopement Ceremony
AirBnB Backyard Elopement – Hamilton Ontario
Ring Exchange
First Kiss – Ceremony
Popping Bubbles – Celebration – Elopement


Animated GIF
Fall Elopement with Bride & Groom
Golden Hour – GTA Wedding & Elopement Photographer
Hamilton Wedding Photographer
Dock Kisses
Blue Hour – Wedding – Bride & Groom
Blue Hour – Ontario Elopement
Elopement Photographer – Bride & Groom
Black & White – Elopement Photographer – Bride & Groom
Black & White – Elopement Photographer – Bride & Groom
Candle Light
Reception – Dinner – Table Decor- Elopement
Dinner – Elopement Evening
Fireside – Fire Place at Wedding Reception
Starry Night

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