Head Shot – My Editing Process

I keep my editing system as simple as possible because there is no point over complicating it! Today I’m going to break down my 5 steps to editing a formal business headshot.

I’ve attached screenshots of my process to help break it down with the final before and after! Comment your questions below for the next editing walk-through post!

  • Culling comes first. I pick my top favourite pictures to send in a proofing gallery. A small solo headshot proofing gallery will typically consist of 15-40 images to choose from. Once the top 5 are decided I will go ahead and start my editing process. 
  • My first step is in Lightroom where I will colour correct, adjust for exposure, crop, fix any chromatic aberration and lens correct. Once I’ve adjusted this accordingly and applied it to all images I will move onto my next step.
  • While staying in Lightroom I will go over each individual image to make sure that those basics are covered well. I will also adjust crop, exposure and tone curve to ensure that the image is vibrant and bold while staying honest to reality.
  • Once they look pretty much done I will pull them all into Photoshop to finally edit any imperfections. This includes (if applicable) blemishes, flyaway hairs, lens spots, dandruff, any major facial discolouration and other details like such. 
  • Once I’m happy with the final product and feel done I will export the images and go over the final ones one last time to ensure that I haven’t overlooked anything. Then off the finals will go in a full downloadable gallery! 
ottawa professional photographer
Professional Photography Ottawa – Headshot – Before
ottawa professional photographer
Professional Photography Ottawa – Headshot – After

If you’d rather listen to me walk through this process then check out this quick video I made for ya’ll!

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