How I Prep For Your Wedding

I recently did my first ever LIVE on Instagram! It was a blast and I was so thrilled to see how many people joined in. I figured for those who missed it I would create a full blog post explaining what I went over. I have attached the video at the bottom for you to watch as well. This is my photography checklist for every session including your wedding. How I prep and get ready in 3 simple steps!

My 3 Step Prep
  1. 2-3 days before the wedding I lay all my gear out in my living room floor. It starts me off fresh with a clean slate (well a gear covered floor, but in my mind it feels like a clean start!). As I do this I’ll take my batteries and start the charging process. Anything that is waiting to be charged or doesn’t need to be I leave laid out in front of me. I also do this so I can see that I still have the same number of CF cards or batteries, that way if one is lost or broken I can go and get a new one before the next wedding.
  2. The day before I simply go through every step on my checklist, which I’ve attached a picture of. (*Side note, are you a photographer? Do you want your own version of my checklist with an extra secret bonus page? Subscribe to my newsletter here and get the FREE download right away in your inbox!). During this stage I’m checking things off the list making sure everything is there and it’s ready to shoot with.
  3. I’ll either do this the night before or the morning of, depending on the start time. I triple check all the steps making sure I have crossed everything off. Once I’ve done my last list read through I organize it all in my bags and leave it at the front door of my apartment ready to go.

Typically I do one very last check once I’m at my car with everything, but that is it! Trying to keep your steps as simple as possible making sure that you follow any list is crucial to feeling prepared and organized. I created this checklist and I use it for every single session and it has never failed me! I hope you found these steps helpful!


If you’re a photographer or just want more info watch the video and comment with your questions below!

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wedding prep checklist for photographer



Small breakdown of some of my gear:

Camera Bag (I talk about how amazing it is in the video!)

Camera Body 1 & 2 – Canon 5D Mark II

Lense – Canon 50mm f/1.4, 24-105mm f/4.0, 70-200mm f/4.0

Canon Flash

CF Card

Flash Batteries 

Gaffer Tape

My fav flip flops

Electrolyte Tablets (I’ve linked this brands main website, but they sell at Herb & Spice, Whole Foods, Amazon and other sports stores. They’re amazing and really not hard to find!)

Sewing Kit

Facial Spray


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