How To Dress For Your Photo Session!

When a client asks me “What should we wear?” I used to get so freaked out because I never knew what to say, but over time I got better at explaining how to best create your look for your session. I’m going to share all my tips with you here, and hopefully this will help you dress for your next photo session, selfie, or whatever you choose!

I break it down into 3 main categories of what you could potentially wear; patterns, bright pops of colour, and a simple monochromatic styled look.


First we’ll start simple with basic colours and how to get everyone in sync without matching too much! I recommended this most for summer and spring sessions. There’s so many beautiful colours and patterns in the summer it’s best to not clash, or blend in with your environment.

-Use a variety of colours, but keep it in the same tone.
-Limit patterns as much as possible.
-Pick neutral colours like greys, beiges, and soft browns. Different shades of grey and navy are usually the most flattering on all.
-Any pattern must have same colour theme to keep fluidity.
-Ensure that there is both light, medium and dark shades mingled throughout.


Second, adding a pop of colour. This is great for all seasons, especially if you’re a couple, individual, or family who likes to live loudly! Show your personality by adding a splash.

-Keep majority of clothing neutral; grey, beige, black, white.
-Add small bursts of colour in items like shoes, skirts, belts, hair accessories, tie or socks.
-For more colour, ensure that you & your partner do not match exactly. Example: Arrange a white or black dress next to a green sweater. Do NOT have a green dress next to a green sweater.
-Try to match the pop of colours as much as possible.
-Remember with bright colours that less is more!


Last and not least is pattern! With some helpful to-do’s and not-to-do’s hopefully you’ll be able to achieve this one perfectly. This is great for fall and winter sessions. The biggest rule of thumb with pattern is that any pattern should ideally be beside a solid. Now rules are meant to be broken, you can even see that here, but they work well because they keep tone while adding a variety of light and dark, small and big.

-Select patterns with similar colour tone, to avoid clashing. Example: Everyones tone matches, with the exception of the girl on the right.
-Only allow half of the group to have a pattern on.
-If it’s a large group, try to alternate genders, couples, siblings, dogs, whatever! This is shown here in the photograph below.
-Patterns should vary between small and big patterns, however small patterns read better on camera.




Of course you can pick your own colours, patterns, and themes during your session to suit you best! Bring your personality to light, and dress in something that makes you comfortable and feel like your true self! Comfort is crucial, it’ll keep you looking natural and allow you to have fun even when we’re walking, laughing, sitting on the ground or doing who knows what else to get that perfect photo!

I really hope this helps and that you enjoy it! Comment your thoughts and any further questions below.

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