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Winchester Intimate Backyard Wedding Ontario

This is a great idea for those of you who want a wedding venue that holds meaning and value to you as a couple. I’ve done a few backyard weddings and to be super honest they have never ever disappointed. They get down to the core importance and meaning of a wedding, love and celebration. A coming together of families and loved ones to celebrate love.

It’s way too easy nowadays to fall into the commercialism that is weddings. We all do it, even me and that’s ok. Its fun dreaming up big things and imagining a grandiose wedding for yourself! Do it! There’s nothing wrong with that. At the end of the day though, it’s important to remember the value of what you’re doing and the meaning behind your wedding.

Backyard weddings are always very humble. Having it close to home, literally, evokes a certain emotion that cannot be re-created elsewhere.

If you’ve been debating a backyard wedding then here are some tips to follow to get started on the planning!

Backyard Wedding. Lakefield Ontario Intimate Backyard Wedding Photographer
Lakefield backyard intimate wedding
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Ottawa Wedding Photographer – Backyard Summer Wedding

First Few Steps To Get Started

  1. You probably already know but find your dream backyard. Maybe it’s your grandparents, parents, your own, a friends.
  2. Once you pick it to go outside and get some clear measurements to see how many chairs you can comfortably fit. It’s important to understand how many people can comfortably, sit, stand, dance, etc. Usually, you make the guest list first but when you know you’re working with a smaller space it’ll be important to have your numbers straight!
  3. Reach out to decorators and planners. Maybe just ask for some rental costs, get some lists of things you’ll need to have. Maybe you will even end up having consultations. Figure out what you need to rent, (chairs, tables, linens, arch, tent, dance floor…). If you think you’ll hire a decorator or planner you can show them your vision, discuss rentals, budgets, and anything under the sun that you might need. They’ll have great insight, smart backup plans and even if you ultimately do it yourself for budget reasons it might help you understand the practicalities of having it in your backyard. Some decorators offer budget-friendly packages if you just want to rent some basics and set it all up yourself. Get those prices set!
  4. Start doing your wedding planning! Pick a date, Get your vision clear and inquire to photographers, videographers, planners if you haven’t already, florists…
  5. Enjoy the process, have fun, relax and remember the purpose of it all! Love!
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Ottawa Wedding Photographer – Backyard Summer Wedding

Planning Pro-Tips;

-You’ll likely rent a tent, and for this I highly recommend reaching out to multiple tent renters, doing diligent research and knowing the exact measurements and specifications. This way you can be sure you’re getting a quality tent that fits your backyard!

-When picking the ceremony site to consider where the sun will be in the sky during that time of day in that season, (you can find that information with a quick google search). You want to make sure you don’t put yourself in direct sunlight. Either get the sun behind you or put yourself in the shade of a tree or something like that for the best possible images. If the spot you want is mostly in direct sun consider a sunset wedding.

-Find a park or area close by to dip out for sunset photos, plan who will drive to make sure their car can get out and is accessible. Often I’m there before most guests so sometimes my car will get stuck (this has happened a few times!) which is fine until I need to drive the couple away for some pics. It doesn’t matter who is driving just make sure the plan is clear so you utilize every minute of photo-taking time!

-It’ll be super important to make sure you have a plan b for different parts of the day in case the weather isn’t cooperative.

-Double Check; When you’re in charge of all the electronic stuff it’s important to set it all up a day or two before. When you do that take pictures of which plug is in where, what’s connected to what and then make sure it’s clear, high quality and works well. (Things like lights, lanterns, microphones, speakers, playlists and so forth.)

-Consider hiring servers and bartenders. I’ve been to many weddings where it’s diy service and bar. There is nothing wrong with that but if you have wiggle room in your budget consider hiring those people out for the main part of dinner and just a while after. It means less work and clean up for you and those helping you, which ultimately means more time to relax and live in the moment.

First Kiss Ceremony. Winchester Backyard Wedding. Intimate Outdoor backyard wedding photographer Ontario
First Kiss. Winchester Backyard Wedding Ontario
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