I’m Moving!

Some of you may know, some may not, but I have decided to pack up and move myself to Ottawa!

I am so incredibly excited, and a little overwhelmed (particularly by the idea of finally having to organize everything I’ve accumulated over the last 6 or so years! So If you have any packing or moving tips please share!)

Moving my photography business is super scary and exciting at the same time, it’s a clean slate to try new things and meet new people. Some days I feel like I’m walking into a very dark maze and all I have with me is my gut instinct and a small flashlight that is low on batteries. Other days I feel elated and can’t wait to go, wishing I could drop it all and leave early. It’s hard to explain that feeling, the feeling of joy and anxiety at the exact same time. Despite that, I am so ready for this next step in my life. Although it can be easy for me to let my worries get the best of me, one thing I have learned, particularly from my travels, is that change is necessary to grow as a person. Change is scary, but once you finally come to that big wall standing in your way, and have no choice but to plow through it, you learn how strong you truly are. You learn how well you have grown to deal with what the world throws at you. It’s in that moment that you learn what you need from yourself and those around you to continue on your path. That oh so intimidating path that you know you’re moving forward on despite not being able to see in front of you, having to force yourself to keep walking, because with each step more is revealed. We all know this road I’m talking about, the one that freaks you out, but you know that as long as you keep moving forward it’ll all be ok. Despite feeling like each step is a blind one, I am very excited, because I know that what’s in my future for 2017 is going to be so incredible. I have had to make many big, in the moment, decisions and although I have questioned myself at times I look back and say “holy SH**, I was so young and stupid when I made that big girl decision, and look where I am now because of it. If I did that then, I can do this now”. I know I’m getting pretty deep for an “I’m moving!” post but I really wanted to share this. As a business owner, it can be so easy to only ever put your best foot forward and never show your worries or fears. But it’s being vulnerable with those around you that can push you forward. I know we can all relate to having this fear of the unknown, and sometimes hearing about it from others can help us. It can help us to greet that big wall with a smile on our face, ready to knock it down. I’m all about empowering those around you because in return you empower yourself! To me, encouraging those around you to be open, honest and loving is so important. Life is too short to hide behind your fears…

So here I am, scared and nervous for the things that could go wrong, yet excited and thrilled for all that could go right. Telling you now, because I believe it’s important to share these thoughts. I know it’s not going to be easy, and I’m ok with that, hard work is what makes everything worth it. This business is everything to me, taking pictures of a brand new baby, a beautiful soul embracing her inner and outer strength, a couple on the happiest day of their life, a family playing at their favourite park, and so much more. Those are the moments I live for. They make me smile, cry, laugh, and believe that this world is full of good and loving people. That’s what I’m there for, to capture those moments for you, so you can remember and look back on them for the rest of your life!  I could go on all day about this because I very strongly believe in it. I’ve had such an amazing time in Calgary doing just that and I can’t wait to bring my outlook and view to Ottawa. I can’t wait to learn from a new environment, people, clients and a new city filled with these moments. I hope you understand what I meant by all that, and hopefully, I shed some light on your Monday. I wanted to get this off my chest and felt that I should share it openly on my blog because you never know what other people are going through and maybe some of you can relate very deeply to how I feel right now. So thanks for reading this, and I can’t wait to share the rest of my journey with you all, so please stay posted for more as I get myself ready for a new adventure!

Please share this along with all your friends! Share this with anyone you know in the Ottawa area, and help me get the word out that I’m moving to Ottawa. If you’re in Ottawa and enjoyed this, send me a message and let’s go for coffee.

<3 Josie



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