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Intimate Toronto City Hall Wedding

Intimate Toronto City Hall Wedding

Toronto City hall is a place where most people think of paying overdue tickets or other non-interesting errands. But it’s also a secret magical place that happens to be where beautiful and in-love couples get married!

There are many misconceptions about city hall weddings. One is that you don’t need to have photos and this just isn’t true. Your city hall wedding can be anything you want! We can head to a coffee shop, brewery, down the street after or take photos right at city hall outside with all the amazing buildings and cityscape. You can wear something fun, funky and inspired or stick with something classic. 

Stick to whatever makes your heart sing! So if you feel like you’d rather just swing by city hall then I encourage you to wear, plan and do whatever feels right before, during or after! 

Getting married is a celebration of love and that’s exactly what Diane & Windel did, so please enjoy some snaps from their city hall wedding!

We mostly stayed in the immediate area for their couple portraits and it worked out amazing! This area of Toronto is flooded with people and can be tricky to shoot in. These two powered through it and we made worked with the space and I couldn’t be more happy with how the images came out. Toronto is such a fun playground as a visual artist!

Getting married at city hall? Not getting married at city hall?! That’s ok! Inquire for your wedding here!

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Intimate Toronto City Hall Wedding

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