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I have worked hard at creating content that can help guide you through this journey, whether you’re hiring me as your wedding photographer or here for a totally separate reason!


My blog posts on wedding advice and tips for my local Hamilton brides, grooms and friends. Planning a wedding in Hamilton and need some advice on location, venues and more, the blog posts should help with that.


Josie Nicole, me (hi), is a professional wedding photographer here in Hamilton and has focused the last 5 years of my life on slowly building a business that is true to who I am and what I represent. Servicing non-traditional brides, who want to hang out, create memories and enjoy their day. Focusing on outdoor, more intimate weddings and elopements are what I do. Your wedding day is about your love together as a couple and because I believe that I also believe it’s my job to show that not to direct or create that!

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