Bras are hard to shop for and I feel like once we know our size we all have this bad tendency of just buying the staples and that’s it!!! How boring! So sorry to offend you but your bras are most likely boring. (I know this because mine are too, girl!). Now, of course, you don’t need to buy new lingerie for your boudoir photo shoot, and you can absolutely work with what you have, but it is a wicked good excuse! 😉

I’m going to walk you through my simple 5 step process for how to buy flattering, sexy, fun lingerie that you’ll want to keep on after the shoot is over! (I also threw in my top store recommendations at the bottom with how price, style, and size friendly they are!)

Even if you’re not getting boudoir pictures done, I still think it’s a great and joyous thing to do as a female. It’s empowering and quite frankly, it’s friggin fun shopping for lingerie! haha

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Step 1

Set your budget.

Step 2

Once you’ve set your budget I recommend going through your intimates. Lay out the sets and pieces that you love and that make you feel sexy. I’d avoid adding pieces that are noticeably well worn because it will show up on camera and we want you to look fly and fresh!

Step 3

You are going to categorize the ones you want to wear to the shoot. There are 3 categories I like to use to simplify it. ‘Soft and subtle’, ‘classic sexy’ and ‘wowie’. (Also note the colours and materials of the sets you have).

These three pictures are to help you refer to what would fall into these categories.

Soft and Subtle Lingerie – Ottawa Boudoir Photographer
Classic Sexy Lingerie – Ottawa Boudoir Photographer
Wowie Lingerie – Ottawa Boudoir Photography

Step 4

Identifying what types and styles of lingerie you already have will determine what you need to buy. Example; if you have a soft and subtle set, you should consider buying a classic sexy style or wowie. The reason I recommend this is when you walk into the shoot you might not be in the mood for say just soft and subtle and having options is key to ensuring your confidence is at it’s best. You can be sure to dress to your mood!

(Also if you’re doing your session with me, I will always start you with a soft and subtle choice and we’ll work our way up to wowie one outfit at a time.)

You will also know if you need to be replacing styles, maybe your favourite black bralette is worn through, so you can go shopping with that in mind.

Step 5

This step is not necessary, but it is something I like to do before lingerie (and bikini) shopping. I look myself in the mirror, (while naked.. yikes!) and assess where my body is at. Have I gained weight, are my gym sessions paying off, do I want to hide my stomach or show it off. Deciding this can help determine the best lingerie not only for your body type but for what you’re most confident in at that time.

A good example of this is ‘ Well I’ve gained some weight recently and I will be on my period during the shoot so my BOOBS should really be the prize here’… Or ‘oooh, those deadlifts have been paying off, I’ll get some undies with cute detailing in the back’. We all know shopping for lingerie can suck the confidence right out from your soul, and this is one way I like to defend myself from that. It also creates awareness in my brain with what I actually look like naked. I can go in and confidently tell the photographer ‘Hey, I love my butt right now can you help me show it off” to which any boudoir photographer should say “HELL YAAASS”.

Now the part you were all waiting for. Where to actually buy these pieces. I’ve done the hard work for you and categorized all my recommended places to shop for lingerie based on size options, budget and the style of the pieces you’ll find.

Go to town, have fun shopping and don’t forget to comment below with some of your favourite go-to places for others!

p.s. to shop these stores just click the name of the store at the top and it will open a new tab for you!


Why they’re on my list – Great for all shapes, sizes, budgets and category needs.

Size Range – Ranges from petit, maternity, plus, and fuller bust. They’ve got a lot of options!

Category Range – Good range of all 3 categories, from ‘soft and subtle’ to ‘wowie’.

Price Range – Prices range from ‘tight budget friendly’ all the way to ‘spend big or go home’.

LAL Couture

Why they’re on my list – So beautiful, the most unique and beautiful lingerie. I’m just MEGA obsessed with LAL Couture and I will always opt for supporting independent business women vs bigger corporations.

Size Range – The size range is 2-10 in underwear and 30″-36″ but she makes everything to order so I would recommend emailing with more sizing details first. I got that range off one set, and it could vary piece to piece.

Category Range – ‘soft and subtle’ to ‘classic sexy’.

Price Range – Middle ground but still budget friendly. Most sets tend to be $40+.

La Senza

Why they’re on my list – One word… Wowie!

Size Range – Looks like the largest cup size is around 34DD, and underwear size goes up to 16.

Category Range – This is where you go for the ‘classic sexy’ and the ‘wowie’ sexy. I’m talking ‘WOWIEEEE’.

Price Range – Budget friendly for sure. most pieces and sets are around $30/40.

Free People

Why they’re on my list – Their pieces are so beautifully made, the detail work is absolutely stunning.

Size Range – 32A – 36DD and XS – L(8)

Category Range – A few great ‘classic sexy’ pieces, but most fall more towards the ‘soft and subtle’.

Price Range – This one is not for my tight budget gal, I would guess $50+ per piece. The average set cost is from $80-200.


Why they’re on my list – Their prices are so so budget friendly and they have the most simple classic lingerie and sometimes that’s all you need.

Size Range – They go from a 32A to 38F in bra sizes and XXS – 3XL in bottoms. It looks like they have a section online for plus sizes too.

Category Range – More ‘soft and subtle’ but they for sure have a few ‘classic sexy’ pieces.

Price Range – Very budget friendly. Some bralettes start at $15, the average is around $35.


Why they’re on my list – They have some bras that are so beautiful in detailing just like Free People but they’re a bit more budget friendly. So if you like the style of free people but don’t want to spend up to $200 on a couple of pieces anthro might be for you.

Size Range – 32A – 36DD and XXS(00) – XL(16). I noticed most of their pieces only come in a S-L and some XS-L. So limited pieces will be XXS & XL.

Category Range – tend to only have soft and subtle, but what they do have of that is really beautifully made.

Price Range – Most definitely for my girl who is willing to spend a bit more. Their standout unique pieces are $70+ per piece but classic bralettes are $30+. The average set cost will be from $60-150.


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