The launch of my new business!

I’ve partnered up with an incredible wedding photographer, Phillipa Maitland, in the Ottawa area to launch a new business. Phillipa and I met at the end of May 2018, for me to hear her pitch and it was an easy decition to say yes and hop on board. 

From that point on it was all hard work. It took 5 months and 6 days approximately to launch. That’s 159 days. I did the math because I couldn’t believe that we’d been working together for this for that long, but it’s true. 159 days and we’ve got a membership client who’s already done her first quarter session! We’re both so incredibly thrilled. 

We launched on November 6th on Instagram and Facebook. So for those who don’t check those outlets or follow me, here is our launch video where we briefly describe what it is that we do. 

If this interests you check out our website (link below) and feel free to send us a hello message!

Fovea Photography Agency Launch!

I am going to continue my wedding photography work along side Fovea and look forward to the adventure that this new endeavour will bring!




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