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Wilderness Tours - Ontario Lakeside Intimate Wedding
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I am incredibly in love with lakeside weddings. I’ve talked about it before and will continue to do so. Outdoor intimate lakeside weddings have this air of calm to them. Being that Ontario is known for its lakes I figured I would do some digging to discover some top lakeside locations that you can get married at!

This blog post is for the non-traditional, anti-bride, adventurous, outdoorsy folk that want something unique and in the wild!

I compiled a list of 5 lakeside locations that you can get married at! They are in no particular order. Some are closer to Ottawa and some are a hefty drive, either way you’ve got some stunning options here!

1. Wilderness Tours

  • About 2 hours west of Ottawa
  • 150 – 200 guests

Ok so this one is on a river but you honestly wouldn’t know any better if I didn’t just tell you. The first time someone told me this was a river I didn’t believe them! You can rent cabins for your guests and family. The cabins are spaced out and in there own little oasis. They have a few ceremony & reception sites throughout their property. That allows you to pick and choose to match your vision as best as possible.

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Wilderness Tours Intimate Outdoor Wedding – Ottawa Wedding photographer

2.  Bark Lake Leadership Convention centre

  • 3 hours from Ottawa (In between Algonquin and Kawartha)
  • I think they have about a 50 guest capacity but don’t quote me on that!

Four words: Peak lakeside cottage vibes! Haha, this place is really cool. If it fits your budget and guest count it’s a great option. You can offer different activities for your guests leading up to the wedding. Activities like kayaking, yoga classes, volleyball, fishing, and so much more. If you’re a super outdoorsy active couple with family and friends alike, you’ll find this venue meets more than your basic wedding needs but also your adventurous/fun hobby needs!

3. Arowhon Pines

  • 3 hours from Ottawa (Algonquin Park)
  • Maximum capacity is 120

Right in the heart of Algonquin Park. Lots of places for guests to visit, hike and get outside. They’re known for having incredible food and a relaxing environment. Both indoor and outdoor ceremony locations in case the weather doesn’t cooperate. It’s campy, cozy and intimate.

4. Aisling Lakehouse 

  • 5 hours from Ottawa (Muskoka)
  • 75 Guest capacity

Of all the campy lakeside venues I looked at this one has the most ‘classic’ wedding style. They have an extra air of elegance to them. Their outdoor area for the reception can be tented or non-tented. It is the perfect intimate venue for those who want to get married out of the city and surrounded by nature.

Aisling Weddings Webpage
Image Came from Aisling Website – No credit given

5. Northridge Inn

  • 4.5 Hours from Ottawa (On the west side of Algonquin Park)
  • 100+ Guests

Northridge Inn has an eccentric, fun, unique and cottage/lakeside vibe and I’m here for it! It’s one of those venues that is so unique it’s basically in its own category. This venue is perfect for the city folk that want a more fun outdoorsy vibe but still love like a little glam! This venue also has numerous ceremony sites that all are totally different. Giving you some flexibility.
Ontario Intimate Farm Wedding

There you have it! 5 of my top Lakeside Wedding Venues! I hope you enjoyed this post and found some new venues to look into for your own lakeside wedding!

I’m still taking new bookings for 2021 and have started booking into 2022. If you’re interested in chatting let’s get started here!

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