Top 6 Winery & Brewery Wedding Venues

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Last Best Brewery – Calgary Alberta – Brewery Wedding

Wineries and breweries can be really fun, unique and casual wedding venues.

They are the perfect venue for the couple whose dream Saturday is hanging out at your favourite local spot with some good friends.

Lots of people think that wineries and breweries all have a similar aesthetic, but there are some very fun and unique ones in Ontario. I tried to keep it as close to Ottawa while still listing venues that are out of the ordinary and less traditional.

Jabulani Vineyards Wedding – Ottawa Ontario

Jabulani Vineyards

  • 40 Minutes from Ottawa
  • 180 Maximum guest capacity

Jabulani offers a few ceremony sites, which is nice if you’re not set on what you want looks-wise. One of them is a beautiful large outdoor gazebo. It’s one of the closest wineries to the city of Ottawa. The indoor is decorated, fittingly so, with wine barrels and wood panels. This creates a very comfortable and warm environment. Their wine is great, they offer beautiful charcuterie spreads and have these fantastic high ceilings that create an open and playful space.

Jabulani Vineyard
Jabulani Vineyards – Ottawa Ontario

Beyond The Pale Brewery

  • Beside Little Italy – Ottawa
  • 250 Maximum guest capacity

Not only is their beer great but they’re huge supporters of the local art scene in Ottawa. This wedding venue is super unique. It’s very industrial with minimal windows which can be great for different specific looks.

This space lends itself great to those beautiful round ceremony spaces you see, with big high ceilings, white walls and unique art all over. It’s also great for those who love the look of twinkle lights and candles everywhere!

This space hasn’t been used for a lot for weddings therefore there isn’t a lot of pictures to use for examples and inspiration. Because of this, I’ve attached a picture of a similar space in full decoration along with a picture that Beyond The Pale Brewery sent me to help you visualize the space.

Beyond The Pale Photo of Event Set up
Example of what you can do with bare white industrial space. Twinkle lights and candles add such a magical and warm ambiance. Screen shot from Pinterest

Steam Whistle

  • Downtown Toronto
  • 300 Maximum guest capacity

Steam Whistle is right in the downtown core of Toronto. A great wedding venue for you city slickers who love the big city lights. This venue is not only huge, but it has an especially pretty aesthetic for a brewery. It’s alternative and fun. With some twinkle lights, and a bit of greenery you transform this place into a fantastic wedding celebration spot.

Grange of Prince Edward

  • 3 Hours from Ottawa
  • 200 Maximum guest capacity

Gorgeous lush green property that allows for a super outdoorsy, and elegant look. This winery is unique to most as it is so lush with trees and greenery. The interior has a cabin/cottage vibe and the outside of the venue is rustic. I love this venue as it’s got such a true Ontario feel to it. It also doesn’t hurt that their wine is delicious! Something to remember is lots of wineries, particularly in the PEC area have noise curfews.

Mill Street Brew Pub

  • Inner City, Ottawa
  • 120 Maximum guest capacity

Mill Street right in the city of Ottawa, which makes it easier if you have guests coming in from out of town. It’s also in a really cool old stone building. Add some twinkle lights and you have a magical castle vibe. Above all else the major difference is this castle has an endless flow of good beers to keep your night going strong.

Signal Brewing Company

  • 2.5 Hours from Ottawa
  • 240 Max Guest Capacity, indoor seated is 130

One thing I love about brewery and winery weddings is everything is on location and that’s really true with this venue. You can have your ceremony on the patio outside then use both the indoor and outdoor space for cocktails, eventually moving things inside for the reception. Everything is so close to each other. The aesthetic of this place is also great! One of my favourites! It has a bit of a city vibe but you’re In PEC which is so relaxing and truly a vacation! Remember, be sure to check for noise curfews when in PEC.

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