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I figured I would write a formal blog post to introduce my new side project! I’ve been wanted to do this for over a year and I actually started last year, but as life goes I got busy with other things and had to put it off. Now with some extra time in self-isolation, I thought what a better time to do this!

The point of me doing this now is to give business owners some ideas, advice, inspiration and distraction from the crazy world that is currently surrounding us. I made a choice to avoid questions and topics like COVID 19 unless it was appropriate to bring up so you could get advice and feel inspired in spite of all this. A distraction that may lead you to some new business ideas.

I am only doing one season, for now, to see how it goes, so please subscribe and follow it because I would love your listenership and support! This season will likely have 7 episodes but that is not set in stone yet.

What The Business?! – Business Podcast for Independent Canadian Business Owners

Now some more information on the podcast is here;

In a nutshell, I aim to reach out to small-med sized business owners to get their insight to help educate, engage, and inspire others. I find as an independent business owner I often feel very isolated. I had a moment last year where I kept reaching out to people via Facebook groups, or Instagram and I honestly think it made me feel more alone. Once I started going out with and meeting other business owners IRL, I felt so incredibly refreshed and ready to take on the world! I wanted to bring exactly that to small, independent business owners via podcast. 

A lot of business podcasts tend to focus on niche topics, which can be great, but sometimes you just want general advice and inspiration. On the flip side to that, the more general podcasts tend to reach out to CEOs of million-dollar companies and although interesting it’s not always very educational or relatable for the small business owner! I find there’s nothing I can take away and practice from those types of podcasts.

That’s where the idea to start my own came in. It’s taken me 1.5 years to get to this point and it hasn’t been easy but I’m happy to finally bring you all my podcast, What The Business?!

To achieve my goal and vision for this podcast I’ve decided to make each episode around 30-40 minutes with a new business owner each time. Within each episode, you will find a similar set of questions being asked to each business owner. The reason I am doing this is that I want you to hear different perspectives from different industries on the same topics/issues. With that being said I am limiting the number of questions I ask to allow for candid conversation to help build up information for the listener!

This is only my Season 1 and my very first time doing something like this so bear with me as I learn and grow with each episode. Enjoy and please comment on my latest Instagram post with your thoughts on an episode you listened to and any questions you may have!

If you have any questions, thoughts, concerns please email jnbaerg@gmail.com

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