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What is ‘What The Business?!”

In a nutshell, I aim to reach out to independent business owners to get their insight to help educate, engage, and inspire others. I find as an independent business owner I often feel very isolated. I had a moment last year where I met up with other business owners IRL, I felt so incredibly refreshed and ready to take on the world after those coffee chats! I wanted to bring exactly that to small, independent business owners via podcast. 

A lot of business podcasts tend to focus on niche topics, which can be great, but sometimes you just want general advice and inspiration. On the flip side to that, the more general podcasts tend to reach out to CEOs of million-dollar companies and although interesting it’s not always very educational or relatable for the small business owner! I find there’s nothing I can take away and practice from those types of podcasts.

That’s where the idea to start my own came in. It’s taken me 2 years to get to this point and it hasn’t been easy but I’m happy to finally bring you all my podcast, What The Business?!

To achieve my goals with this podcast I will be asking a similar set of questions to each business owner, in order to get different perspectives from different industries on the same topics/issues. We’ll also get chatting about business things and life as an independent business owner!

How Can You Support?

I’m going to be doing bonus Patreon only episodes as well! These episodes are the full episode you hear online plus a set of bonus questions at the end. We’ll dive deeper and get more business advice for all you Patrons out there. I wanted to offer some extra bonus content because I’m interviewing successful people who have great advice to give!

I’ve made it affordable for those interested and you can sign up here!

Also writing a review really helps get the podcast more attention. If you’ve enjoyed an episode in particular mention it in your review!

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